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John’s Happy Tales Report
10/27/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel.

Happy Birthday to Julie, who is my daughter, she is thirty something today, and also to High Noon Showoff, who was known as Twiggy to us. She was the first dog I met that had the same birthday as Julie. Twig is seven years old today, was adopted out right after the New Year in 2012, I hope she’s still doing good with her humans.

We have a new addition to our kennel. Roscoe has just arrived; my information on him is that he is a four year old red brindle male. He’s not a big guy, but he is cat tolerant and knows how to use a doggie door if that is important to you. He’s not a striped brindle, more like a muted, out of focus marking. He’s reported to be a nice dog, doesn’t smoke or drink, except for the occasional water. If red, male, and small is what you’re about, you might want to contact the kennel and check him out. We also have seven other dogs currently available which you can also check out on our website.

Well, we are a week removed from our splash party, my dog Diffy is still dreaming about that one, he had a great time. Coming up in November we have several events, highlighted by the big auction we’re having on November 22nd. We’re hoping to have a flyer on that very shortly, there will be a lot of great items so check it out and come on out and help the dogs if you can. This event should be every bit as much fun as the splash party, just not as wet. Did I mention that there’s going to be a lot of real nice stuff? The catalog will be coming out soon, mon soon.

In the more immediate future, like next Saturday, November 1st, we’re having a fundraiser at the Coral Springs Walmart, at Wiles and University, from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. The Boruk herd will be there working to take donations and show dogs. You are welcome to stop by and help, you can even bring your dogs, they will watch them while you shop. The kids will be getting credit for their community service and if you have kids that would like to volunteer, contact Michelle or Jerry and they will put you in touch with the Boruks.

The temporary kennel is not really set up for volunteering yet, but Michelle could use one of two experienced people for some projects. There is always filing to do, she is behind on some other items, or if you would like to feed and bathe the kennel dogs, or commit to some regular chores a day or two a week, like feeding, contact Michelle and you can set it up, or let her know what you might be available to do.

We missed Joan this past weekend at our dog park, however we did meet our old friend Toby. His racing name was Tough Task, we called him Toby, and he is now Red, or Big Red. Apparently he had a problem with another dog at the park at an earlier time, and he didn’t like to come to the park, but he showed up yesterday, and it’s always greyt to see another greyhound. Diffy was very happy and I think Red enjoyed it too, so hopefully he will come back again and they can run together. He’s looking very happy and in excellent shape, his people are taking very good care of him. It does seem to be true, what they say about greyhounds being breed snobs, Diffy gets along well with most other dogs, but when we run into another grey, you can see the difference in his demeanor. Ok, this session has just ended, I have been summoned to a higher calling, it’s time for the Birthday Cake, so I happily depart. Have a greyt week, if you have anything for the FOG BLOG, let me know and I’ll try to get it in.