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John’s Happy Tales Report
10/23/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Three fourths of October gone and I have no idea where it went. I told you this would happen. Unfortunately, we haven’t even been blessed with any cool weather, although that’s not unusual as Tom Jones would say, and that may actually change by the end of the week, for a night at least. The highlight of the week was my first ever book signing event, and it turned out to be the highlight of my week. Ms. Laura Schenone was in town, Coral Gables to be exact, to talk about her new book, a nonfiction item titled “The Dogs of Avalon”. She gave a presentation that we missed half of because of our quest for parking, and there were a lot more people there than I figured on. We brought Creepy, Michelle brought a couple of our adoptables, and there were a few other greyhounds there for the ‘hands on’ experience. I was impressed enough to pick up a copy, Anne has started reading it already and she says it’s nice. From what I’ve seen, this book has excellent reviews and it deals with the history of our beautiful greyhounds, Marion Fitzgibbons, a lady who started an international network of rescues, and also the rescue efforts of other animals as well. It also deals with the author’s personal relationship with the hounds. Check out the reviews, if you are reading this, then you will be just as excited to read this as I am. I love writing, wish I had followed it up when I was young, but, at least I finally got to meet a real live author, and her book is about one of my favorite subjects, so I can’t wait to dive into ‘The Dogs of Avalon’.


Outside of that, not much on the good news front. We have another return, Casey, who went out about four months ago has come back. He is a special needs hound, he was very shy, very, very shy. Casey tried, his experienced greyhound human tried, but he just wasn’t happy. Michelle thinks he would do well in a home with one or two other hounds to live with. He seems to do better in the company of other greyhounds, so if you already have a hound or two and would like to help out this special guy, contact us, Michelle that is, and we can arrange for you to meet him. He’s a beautiful dog, just needs the right home. You can check the website, contact Michelle, or check out Scott’s latest blog about him. On a happier note, Jagger is doing fabulous in his new home with his new brother Facebook, who has also doubled as his pillow during some of their naps. I also saw Randy and Luna at the book store, both are doing good in their new homes, and the famous Hermes was there with Maurice. I did notice that Hermes doesn’t seem to be the giant I used to think of him as, when he’s standing next to our Creepy. The Creepster is on the poop list this evening. He decided to try to dig his way to China in the front courtyard and got a nice two-foot-deep start before he was discovered. With a face like his, and being a first-time offender, I decided not to kill or maim him, just gave him a halfhearted ‘Bad Dog’. He looked so proud of his work that I did well by not laughing out loud. Ok, so greyhounds aren’t perfect, we knew that anyway.

One final note, we got some news from Bill and David, who live in the Lower Keys. We were wondering how our hounds did with Hurricane Irma. They have Tulip and Skye, and they survived, although they lost their house and their hundred-year-old buttonwood tree. They evacuated to Central Florida to ride out the storm, so they are safe and sound, but have a lot of rebuilding of life and property to do. It’s good to know that at least one of our families survived safe and sound with just material damage, which can be dealt with when you consider what could have happened had they stayed. Hopefully all the rest of them came out ok too.

That’s about the best we can make out of nothing, we are news less tonight, Michelle had a crisis of some sort this afternoon, so I know her mind is not on blog at the moment, so this may be updated, added, or even moved back to tomorrow. In any case, have a greyt week, stay out of trouble, and don’t bite anyone.

Greyhounds meeting Laura Schenone the author of The Dogs of Avalon.