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John’s Happy Tales Report
10/2/17 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

PJ (Kelly)

Happy October to you, we have regained control of the keyboard and are coming to you live from the desk of the happy blogger. We are finally into October and greeted by the news that from 9/22 through 11/5 the Flamingo Road Nursery has their ‘Pumpkin Patch’ event which means no gatherings there for us as a group, however you can still go there anytime with your hound and the BBQ stand is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s a nice event, the hounds are welcome to wander and they have some nice displays and photo opportunities as well, so it’s still a fun place to go on the weekends, and I think they even have a hay ride, but don’t know if the hounds are allowed on that. Worth checking out.

DKC Jagger

We currently have seven hounds available for adoption, we have them on the website, and Scott’s blog ‘Dusty and Me’ is currently profiling them individually as well as some videos of each one, and they will also be linked to the dog’s Pet Finder link, so we’re trying to get as much coverage on them as possible. Michelle has made it known that the dogs have been in house too long, and she will be very flexible as far as adoption fees are concerned, we just want to get them into a good home ASAP. So, if you are a good or even average negotiator and you are interested in a greyhound for a pet, this is a great time to check us out, Michelle can make the price right just for you. Come on in, or you can even make arrangements for us to come to you, it’s possible you will wind up making a fast friend for life.


Currently only one event on hand for the near future and it’s still in the works. It’s a book signing at a ‘Books & Books’ store in Miami and the author wants a greyhound group to be present, so it could be us. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. I have an update on the fence situation. The fence guy has arrived, thank goodness. He’s finally been able to get the supplies needed to restore the fence, as there has been a run on construction material for some reason over the past few weeks. Tomorrow the posts and fence panels should be back in place by tomorrow, which could be a good thing. I remember my father had a grocery store when I was little and the kids would come in for free candy and he’d always tell them ‘Come back tomorrow, everything’s free tomorrow’. They would return the next day and he’d tell them the same thing. Took them a while to figure it out. I wanted a cardinal or blue jay that I had seen around the yard for a pet. He told me that I could catch them if I put salt on their tails, so I spent some of my young childhood with a handful of salt chasing the birds. Took me a while to figure that one out too. Yes, if you can get close enough to put salt on their tail, you can just grab them. Life is not always fair growing up with people that are smarter and have a weirder sense of humor than you yourself do, got plenty of exercise though, running around chasing birds. Ok, so I wasn’t the sharpest little knife in the drawer, at least I knew about tomorrow.


Since there’s not much going on and our hounds are getting excellent ink and photo coverage, I guess I can relate the past weekend’s event here too. As you know, or know now, we are always available to search and rescue greyhounds, whether lost, spotted running the streets, or in animal shelters. Last weekend we were notified about a greyhound that was in the Dade animal shelter. Since we live about ten minutes away, and FoG is in Sunrise, Michelle asked me if I would go check it out. If it was a greyhound, we would take it and bring it to our kennel. I totally hate the Dade shelter (the old one in Medley), vowed never to go back again, but, as previously stated, we live a few minutes away and it would be asinine to make them come down from Sunrise, especially for nothing, so I said I’d go. I took our former kennel commander Chris, to make sure of the dog’s identity. I wasn’t even going to go in, but they have a new facility just off the Palmetto, over on 79th avenue, it looked nice, so I went in to check it out. The dog’s name is Emma, she’s about as close to a greyhound as I am. She’s like a blue hunting hound, a little girl, maybe a year or two old. She was confiscated from someone, probably, she’s totally emaciated, all skin and bones. She was happy to see us, wagged her tail, and looked pretty good for the shape she’s in. They are feeding her small meals three times a day and won’t be able to spay her for a month. It was predetermined in my mind that I wasn’t going to be able to go into the shelter, look at the dog, see that she wasn’t a greyhound, and say ‘Sorry kid, tough luck, you’re not a greyhound so you get to die next week’. So, I am now the proud owner of an emaciated and miserable looking blue hound of some sort, it’s not a greyhound for sure. I can’t save them all, but at least one more shelter animal will get a second chance at a real home. Unfortunately, I have three dogs and two cats already at home, my wife has been threatening me for 42 years about doing this kind of thing and one day she’s going to snap and kill me outright. This is not a greyhound, but I need to find a beautiful home for this little hound. I hope I can put a picture of her on here next week, maybe not, since we have seven of our people that need homes, but if not, I also understand, this is greyhound rescue site, but if you know anyone who might be interested, let me know through the website. I’ve covered the cost of the adoption and will cover the cost of the spaying, she’s basically free to a good home. I just need to see that she will have a loving home, she’s already been through enough and hasn’t even started her life yet, she deserves something better than to be starved, abused, then put down. It could also possibly save a human life because my wonderful wife has put up with this stuff for so many years, but she also understands that I couldn’t just walk away knowing that I killed the dog. I know Dade isn’t supposed to be a kill shelter, but the numbers just don’t work, they can’t possibly accommodate every animal that is dumped there. Even the short time we were there we saw several people bringing dogs in to leave. So, please, we have seven beautiful hounds available, they are waiting for you with their bags packed and ready to go to a real life, and if you know someone looking for something a little different, like a little blue hound, let me know. I will have more information on my friend Emma, we’re picking her up this Thursday morning. Have a greyt rest of the week, don’t bite anyone. Word just in, and I mean literally. No word on the fencing, the guy didn’t show up, is sort of missing in action, no word from him where, why, or what. Join us next week when Unsolved Greyhound Mysteries explores if I am alive, what happened to Emma, the seven Greyhounds ready to hit the road, and the fence that wouldn’t die, but wouldn’t rise either.

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  1. Carol Ryan says:

    I love your messages. For a long, long time my desire was to own a greyhound or a miniature greyhound and finally 10 years ago I found my heart’s mini desire. Her name was Rosie (she also had a long, registered name), she was brown and white and the answer to my desire. We had a good life together, but, unfortunately, Rosie passed away in April of this year. Now I am 84 years and too old to take on another greyhound as I would probably pass away before the doggie does and then where would she go? And I also can’t walk too well any longer. But we had a good, good life together and she was a wonderful, smart little girl.