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John’s Happy Tales Report
10/20/14 Mostly Wet And Happy Tales From Inside And Around Quiet Waters Dog Park, Water Park, Or Dog Water Park, Whichever The Case May Be.

Como Se Yama


The master at making something out of nothing will definitely be challenged this week. Bowels were about the only thing moving in the kennel this past week. No additions to the herd that I know of and nobody got adopted. We sit or stand in some cases, at seven dogs available for adoption, three guys and four gals. Yammy is our senior lady. She’s older than dirt at ten years old, but is so loving and well behaved that it’s a shame she doesn’t have a real home to spend her twilight years. Yes, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jerry are good people to live with, but they have others to share their love and time with, Yam has earned and deserves her remaining sunsets with a human that she can call her own. We have two other seniors, also very loving and well behaved with plenty of in house experience, having already lived together, but not in sin. Max and Molly would be very jolly if they could finish out their mellow yellow years together. Not everybody is able or wants to adopt seniors, but in reality, it only takes the one special person to make it happen. Also in our little stable, we have three five year olds, two boys and a girl. Bella is the girl and Charlie and Rocky are the two boys. Rocky broke his leg during tryouts for the US Olympic curling team, but has completely recovered. He’ll never curl again, but he will still make a fine pet. Last but not least, and most probably the first of the rest to be adopted, we have Lucy, a three year old brindle girl, a petite little sweet, who has just finished her professional racing career and is ready to sprint into your heart.

Chase The Storm


We are currently at 32.74% of the way to our goal of $130.000 for the new kennel. There will be many fund raisers coming up in the near future. For information on those events and any questions about the available adoptables, you can contact Michelle or Jerry by phone or through our website.

I was talking with Cher’s humans at our little event yesterday, and they told me about a place called Snyder Park in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s just off of I-95 and SR84, close to downtown Ft. Lauderdale. They said it is a beautiful park and has a Bark Park, which the dogs ask for by name of course. It’s a great place for the dogs, plenty of room, clean, and you might just meet another greyhound there. It’s a fact that most of the greys are breed snobs and they do enjoy the company of other greyhounds in preference to ‘regular’ dogs if they can get it. You can check the Snyder Park website for all the details and if you are there right after they open or just before they close, you just might run into another greyhound. People always seem to be asking where we go now that our place is closed, so I just learned of one possible alternative.

P1040197Yesterday was our splash at the park at Quiet Waters Park up in Deerfield Beach. It was sort of an unofficial fund raiser but more in the spirit of just getting together with old friends. I had no idea of whether there would be five or fifty dogs, but as it turned out there were closer to fifty dogs, possibly even more. It was hosted by Katie Hendrickson and David Skoog and Bella, my favorite Roman nosed hound. It was not actually a FOG event, but we took five dollar donations for each dog and had a raffle. I believe the final take was right at $216 for the event, but more importantly, the joy of seeing all these dogs having a wild and crazy time with each other definitely made my week as it did a few other humans and dogs alike. The people I went with must have said ‘that was really nice’ at least four or five times afterwards, and for them to say that, meant that it was really special. And it was. There was water and sand, the dogs had a ball running around and splashing through the water. Acting just like five year old kids at recess, they had to be scolded not to run in the pool area, and there were a few scraped legs and butts, but I think they all escaped any serious injury. Lots of old timers getting a bit older and some new friends, and even new arrivals from out of state, made it a very memorable afternoon, short in duration but long in memories. We welcome any comments and photos and videos if you have any to share and a big thank you again to Bella and her humans Katie and David for making this possible, and also to the Broward County Parks for making it happen. The staff was very friendly and helpful and thanks for putting up with the local crazies of the Greyhound Nation. I couldn’t begin to list all the greys and their humans, but thanks for coming out to each and every one of you, it was greyt seeing you, and maybe you can let Jerry and Michelle know that we should do that again. Ok, we did manage to make a couple sentences out of nothing, the events of the splash party alone would make a nice short story, we hope everyone took home some beautiful moments and memories of these fabulous animals that share our homes and our hearts.