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John’s Happy Tales Report
10/13/14 Mostly Happy Tales, Including A Happy Birthday Tale From Inside And Around The Fog Kennel And Kennel To Be.

My first order of business is to wish my favorite personal greyhound, Diffy, aka, At Verdinesjamin, a very Happy 6th Birthday today. He was born six years ago today, along with three brothers and three sisters. I hope the rest of his siblings were as lucky as he was and are enjoying the good life as retired professional athletes. His only other black brother was adopted out of Chicago from Greyhounds Only. I am really tempted to contact them and try to find out if they have any information on his brother, whose name is At Singitmaurice. It would be neat to know what happened to all his siblings, but on the other hand, sometimes it’s better not to know and to just hope they all had happy endings like his.

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FOG has reached the magical 32.32% mark in our quest for the one hundred and thirty thousand dollars needed to get the new kennel project off the ground. We are making slow but steady progress and should very soon be one third of the way there, one down, two to go. There will be a bunch of upcoming events and fundraisers so check the website and Facebook page for details. The next event is Dog Splash, next Sunday afternoon at Quiet Waters Park in Broward. It’s for the greyhounds only from five till six p.m. and you can check the flyer or website for all the details. It’s rumored that a bunch of the old regulars are planning to attend, and going in the water is optional for both dogs and humans, you don’t have to get wet to have a good time. November 15th we will be at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center, they are having a Pet Expo there. If you are like me and like to meet people and dogs, they are expecting between eight and ten thousand people, so you should have all you can handle. That’s a Saturday and we will be there and need some help so you are welcome to come out and join us. November 22nd, our auction fundraiser is scheduled, which will be the big event of the fall for us. We have a lot of excellent quality and expensive items to auction and raffle off and we hope to score big on this event. Into December we will start off with a Ladies Night party at YOLO, FOG will be the featured charity and we will receive a percentage of the profits, so put that on your calendar. Starting off the New Year, we will be back at America’s Backyard again on January 16th. That’s just the stuff that I know about. As always, you can call Michelle or Jerry or check the website or Facebook page to make sure of my accuracy and/or volunteer for any or all of the events you care to participate in.

We still have a group of retired racers that are available for adoption. We had two new arrivals, and one is gone already. Turbo Octavia came in and was gone almost immediately to a fabulous home who had one of their two cross the rainbow bridge. The other dog wasn’t doing very well, but it seems that Octavia was just what the doctor ordered for her and the whole family is doing well as of this moment. We also received a little brindle three year old girl. Her name is NAD Easy Does It, aka, Easy. Easy has tested as cat tolerant, she’s a petite little lady, my records show she raced about sixty five times, and is now ready for her forever home. She’s as sweet as a little Georgia peach in June and she will not be here very long I can just about guarantee you that. Homeless Boy is scheduled for a home visit for a potential adopter tomorrow, so he’s crossing his paws, Michelle is crossing her fingers, and I’m crossing my eyes just for luck. As you know also, the Hialeah kennel is no more, the dogs are now up in Broward, but the viewing times are much more flexible and depending upon where you live, it’s entirely possible the dogs can come to you to see at your residence.

Friends of Greyhounds at Whole Foods Market Coral Springs - CROPWhile we’re at it, we’d like to thank Whole Foods of Coral Springs, they presented us with a nice check of over eleven hundred dollars, earned ten cents at a time from saving the plastic shopping bags. That’s over eleven thousand plastic bags that didn’t find the landfill, and eleven hundred dollars towards the new kennel, a win, win situation for all involved. Also a big thank you to the Pet Supermarket on East Sunrise Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale for allowing us to meet and greet your customers, we made a bunch of new friends and caught up with some old ones too. The staff was fabulous, made us feel very welcome, and we met a bunch of cool dogs too. We hope to do that again, we have the table, chairs, and brochures, if you’d like to do some of this kind of work, contact Michelle and Jerry and they can set you up. I’ve done it and it’s fun (air conditioned too) to meet different people and dogs and spread the word about our greyhounds.

Ok, in closing, I’d like to wish my Diffy a Happy Birthday, wait, already done that, we know where my priorities are. We also do the dog park in Miami Springs on Saturday and Sunday evenings, now usually around six fifteen to seven or so. A short run in the park for Diffy and my other two mutts and whoever else shows up. It’s a little long for a short period of time for the northern connection, but if you are in the central Dade area and your greyhound is looking for another of ‘his people’ to socialize with, we are usually there. I think Julie or Chris usually posts on Facebook. Our friend Joan O’Brien and her human show up pretty regular. Next SUNDAY we will be up at Quiet Waters Park, that is already planned, so we hope to see you up there too. You can come and socialize before five o’clock with whoever is there, and probably stay after six to mix and mingle after the splash party. Once again, you don’t have to get wet to have fun, check the flyer and/or website for all the details and we hope to see you there.