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John’s Happy Tales Report
10/12/15 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel.

Most of the tales should be happy, but every once in a while, no matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid some bad news. Minnie, the smaller of the two puppy twins has passed away and there’s so much interest in her that it just can’t be ignored. I will put what Michelle wrote about it, which says it better than I could.

Yes. I am sorry to say that Minnie crossed over yesterday. She had a very serious inflammation of the brain and it caused her horrible seizures and her tiny body just couldn’t go through that over and over again. it broke our hearts but it was the best thing for her. She passed away in my arms and I took her body to our friends at Broward Pet Cemetery for cremation. We’ll keep her ashes here at the house until we do another interment at the Greyhound Memorial plot.

We miss her terribly. I have been through a lot of euthanasia’s for a lot of reasons. This was the absolute worst one for me to get through. That poor baby never had a chance. She had tests and treatments and we’d get a few good days and then she’d get hit again. At the end, we got 8 days of happy puppy and then she was hit with seizures that brought ER nurses to tears and they went on and on. The drugs wouldn’t touch them. It was horrible and never ending. This was the only way to exorcise her demons.

She’s at peace now.

So that says it best, she is at peace and will have no more suffering here. We cry for all of them, but the young dying is especially hard, whether it is dogs, cats, people or whatever. There is still plenty of work to do, there are so many others that still need help, so we will move on and do our best to help as many others as we can, with the memory of a beautiful little girl that just didn’t make it, I have no way of saying if it’s better this way or not, just going to accept it and feel good about the next one that gets a second chance.

Kitty was, or is, one of our brand new girls. She was in and out so fast we didn’t even get a photo of her out. I believe she was at the Pet Supermarket meet and greet last weekend, she must have been irresistible standing there with her pink ball in her mouth. She is gone, I have heard nothing contrary, and so I’m assuming she’s doing well in her new home. As always, we wish her and her family many years of love and good health. Mandy had three different people look at her over the weekend, so she may be on the verge of going out. One lady rejected her because of a tiny cut on her nose. They don’t know what they missed, Mandy is going to make someone very glad they chose a greyhound, she is well behaved and nothing but love. Actually it’s probably for the better that she was rejected because of a cut on her nose, not too sure that’s the kind of people you’d want to live with.

We also got some much needed help through teenage volunteers doing their community service last weekend. If you know any teenagers that are in need of fulfilling their community service, working with the hounds is an excellent way for them to cover their time and it helps the kennel too. October 24th is the next meet and greet at the Pet Supermarket on East Sunrise Boulevard. They are having their annual HOWL-OWEEN party on that day, and it will be a lot of fun for the dogs as well as the humans. The Pet Supermarket is a great place to shop, the staff is excellent, they treat us very well and we are always glad to give them a plug and encourage our people to shop there if they can. They will have a few vendors there, a costume contest, food and treats, so you might want to check it out and we will be posting it also as the weekend approaches. November 7th at the War Memorial Auditorium there will be a Pet Expo, more on that as the time approaches also. For more information on anything mentioned here you can contact Michelle or Jerry through email or phone and get complete details as always.

Ok, that’s most of the news as I know it. Thanks as always, for supporting the FOG kennel, times aren’t always easy and smooth, but, our girl Mandy got some serious looks this weekend and Kitty is in a loving home, so there’s plenty of reason to leave with a smile tonight. Kitty, strange name for a greyhound, no? Have a greyt week, stay safe and healthy.