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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/8/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


We’re off to a greyt start in 2018, one week down and already an adoption. Mercury has joined the ranks of the newly adopted, just went out to his new forever home in Sunrise, not too far from the kennel. Scott has a nice piece on it in his ‘Dusty and Me’ blog, along with Logan, who is a very recent adoption. They were both doing very well the last I heard, and we wish them and their families many years of happiness, love, and good health.


This leaves only Casey and Fella in the kennel at the moment. Casey is our shy guy, but he’s making good progress and has even become rated as cat tolerant, a change of heart from when we originally got him. My Diffy is quite similar, he is very introverted, very shy and afraid being around other people and at social events, but he’s still a fantastic addition to my house. He gets along with three siblings and two feline brothers as well as the other six (at last count) members of the household. So, scared-y pants and anti-social or not, The Diff gives us and gets love just as good as any of the rest of our herd, including Emma, who is a social butterfly and is a walking love bug. So, don’t let that stop you from adopting animals with these personalities, they are as loving and many times even more so than your average ordinary pet. Just don’t schedule too many black-tie affairs for them. I have personal knowledge of Fella, and my sources tell me that guaranteed, he is going to be a fabulous pet, and that’s from people who know him and have been around him professionally and socially. I have heard that there will probably a couple more adoptables coming into the kennel shortly too, so if you are looking for a beautiful hound, check our site out frequently, I am usually the last to find out about the new arrivals.

Michelle is working diligently on the collar project. She is making progress in leaps and bounds, however that isn’t showing up on the mailings yet, so put the rope away, disperse the lynch mob, and please try to give her a little more time to get them out. Thanking you in advance from the rear.

We have two gatherings coming up, the first one being this weekend at the Flamingo Road Nursery, the One Last Cast BBQ stand on the side by the Tiki huts in particular, that’s this Sunday, the 14th, from 11-3 and the weather is supposed to be decent, high near 70 and sunny, doesn’t get much better than that. And, for those who plan further ahead, Sunday, the 28th, we’ll be at the Dog Dude Ranch in South Dade from 10-2. Ok, we’re off to a good start, hopefully we can continue. I know Fella will be gone pretty darn quick, and I’d love to see Capt. Casey get his forever home, he’s earned it, just like all the rest of them. Have a beautiful cool week, keep the hounds safe, and don’t bite anyone.

This just in, Casey has an in-home appointment tomorrow to meet a family, so keep your fingers and dew claws crossed for him.

Meetup @ Flamingo Road Nursery

SUNDAY, January 14 from 11 AM until 3 PM
At the Flamingo Road Nursery, 1655 Flamingo Road, Davie
(Click here for driving directions.)
(Click here to learn more about Flamingo Road Nursery)
Lots of parking and you can wander the grounds, check out the farmer’s market
and look at lots of plants, fountains and wind chimes!
Join FoG at the big shady tables by the BBQ stand.
They have food, drinks & reasonable prices.
*** All leashed greyhounds are welcome. ***
Play Date & Gathering at the Dog Dude Ranch

SUNDAY, January 28 from 10 AM until 2 PM
6305 SW 120 Ave, Miami
(Click here for driving directions.)
(Click here to learn more about Dog Dude Ranch)
We will be in the front, fenced corral area and dogs will be allowed off-leash!!!
Please park along the street.
*** Greyhounds Only ***