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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/30/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.


Another successful weekend has passed as we sit on the eve of the historical blue, red, blood, super moon lunar eclipse and whatever else that’s happening tomorrow night that I didn’t mention. First time in over 150 years which means the last time this happened, the Civil War had just ended, so it is worth mentioning at least, if not watching. With our luck, we’ll probably end up with cloud cover. In other earthlier news, we thank again the Dog Dude Ranch humans for letting us host another romp in the park. The weather was perfect, or near perfect, and we had close to two dozen hounds plus their humans in attendance according to Ms. Michelle. Scott has a short video in his blog, you can check that out in his ‘Dusty and Me’ Blog. A large thank you also, to those who brought a bunch of donations, especially the dog biscuits and laundry supplies.

Sisters Rainy and Sunny Meet At Dog Dude Ranch

The Collar Project is moving forward, Tuesday, hopefully, another batch of collars will be going out and Michelle will be in the process of getting an updated list on the ones we’ve found, so you can check to see if any of yours are on the list.

On the adoption front, newly adopted Kal and his mom were at the Ranch on Sunday. He’s doing great, loves the Gables, and has his mom wrapped around his little dew claw. Cheyenne was just about adopted as soon as she arrived at the kennel, by Kim Silverman. For those who don’t know (and there are some), Kim’s parents were our 32nd FoG adoption back in 2002. Kim was our first student volunteer and she and her parents were, and have remained good friends of the FoG kennel throughout the years. Only Fella is currently in the kennel, and he has an application but the potential adopters have not contacted the kennel yet, so he is still technically available.

Believe it or not, this just about covers everything, at least everything that I know at the moment. We need to get Fella a good home, he’s a good egg, good looking, great disposition, healthy, so there’s no reason for him to be sitting in our kennel, alone, bags packed and ready to go, so if you are interested in a greyt hound, come check him out, or even better, you can probably arrange a home visit, as Michelle is not overwhelmed with quantity at the moment. Have a great week, keep your hounds warm and safe, and don’t bite anyone.

Sunday at Dog Dude Ranch