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John’s Happy Tales Report
1/15/18 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The FoG Kennel.

After celebrating a MLK Holiday lunch and a mixing of new sod with our back-yard earth, we are ready to tackle the Monday Blog. This will be slim pickin’s this week. We did the last or maybe not so last gathering at the One Last Cast BBQ yesterday at the Flamingo Road Nursery. Today was supposed to be the day that we found out for sure. I was afraid to look so it’s entirely possible that the matter has been decided and Dave said the results would be on their Facebook page today, so you might get the answer by checking there. Perfect day for lunch outside and gathering hounds, weather beautiful, beautiful people and hounds and excellent food. Scott has it covered very nicely on his ‘Dusty and Me’ Blog, along with some pictures to go with it. We always enjoy getting together with our friends, four and two legged, old and new. Diffy was so excited that he was chattering even before we left the house. We ran into a friend, also a former greyhound Mom, that we hadn’t seen for at least five years, so we spent the afternoon catching up. We will be having another gathering in two weeks, this time down in South Dade where the hounds can roam about freely off leash, so keep that in mind for the Sunday after next, the 28th of January.


Apollo is officially adopted, he made his social debut yesterday with Matt, Debbie, Jake, and Shar Shar as chaperones, Shar Shar being his new hound sibling and It looks like they get along very well, I think they were the ones that started the impromptu singing, or rooing as we call it. The best news of the adoption week is Casey. He went out a few days ago to some old FoG friends who now live in Georgia. They are helping a local family member through surgery and when they return home in a couple weeks, Casey will be going with them to a beautiful home and a big fenced yard he can call his own. If Casey settles in, this will be a fantastic deal for him and his humans will be getting a wonderful love hound, even if he is a little shy. So, we’re wishing all the best for Casey, Apollo, and their humans for many years of love, happiness, and good health, as always.

This leaves us with only Fella, who was supposed to go on a home visit to Coral Gables this morning, but I have not heard the results on that yet, so he may be gone too. I do know that the kennel has acquired one more girl, this afternoon Michelle picked up Cheyenne, who just finished her racing career. I don’t know her personally, but I was told that she is a cow dog, which in my daughter’s language is a black and white greyhound. I don’t know if she’s black and white, or white and black, but she is a cow dog. Scott will be there to gather more information and will probably have a picture or two of her up and posted pretty quickly. So, check out Scott’s Blog for up to the minute information, I do know where both dogs came from and they are both very nice dogs according to my sources, so check them out if you are in the market for a hound. That pretty much covers the FoG world up to the moment with the information I have available. Michelle is still working the collars and we’ll see what happens this week, Casey potentially getting a home makes my week, so we’re happy at the Grata Animal Farm, have a greyt week, stay warm and don’t bite anyone.

Play Date & Gathering at the Dog Dude Ranch

SUNDAY, January 28 from 10 AM until 2 PM
6305 SW 120 Ave, Miami
(Click here for driving directions.)
(Click here to learn more about Dog Dude Ranch)
We will be in the front, fenced corral area and dogs will be allowed off-leash!!!
Please park along the street.
*** Greyhounds Only ***

Photos from Flamingo Road Nursery..