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John’s Happy Tails Report
9/23/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel, From As Far Away As Canada, And As Near As The Inside Of The New Van.

It keeps getting darker around me, I thought I was dying and entering the next world, but it turns out that It’s just one of those late September monsoons that blow through occasionally. Better today than yesterday for me, all the dog pictures are caught up except for Wheres Gone Home. She just got spayed and wasn’t feeling up to the photo shoot, so you’ll just have to come out and see her in person. Twelve more dogs heading up north this week and we’re getting such a good reputation that people up north are specifically asking for FOG dogs, because they are in such good shape and so well adjusted. That atta-boy can be shared by everyone from our president to our volunteers. Countless walks, baths, even sitting in the crates with them, brushing, talking to, and even reading them poetry, may seem trivial, but it does make a difference. I know I’m speaking for all of us when I say that seeing one of these beautiful, loving greys go out to their new homes and getting a second chance at life, make us feel pretty darn good. Then to get the feedback with stories from people like the adopters of Hookem Leon and Robby Cano, who have fallen in love and have let the world know makes this the best volunteer or even paying job I’ve ever had. I would like to see about getting a section on our site for reviews and comments from our alumni’s owners, but until I do, at the risk of taking up too much space, I’ll just insert one in the blog once in a while, this being one of them.

I called last nite after the storms passed. HEIS DOIN GREYT!!! He has pulled just about every toy in the toy basket,then plays w/them then lays down on them!!! He ate dinner last nite is drinkin good,ate most of his breakfast this am. Not a peep out of him last nite,after going out 5:45am this am he wanted to lay on the dog bed by the sofa but Shaylee was laying there soooo he got a stuffie & drppped it on her,she got up & he layed down!! I have gotten quite a few kisses since yesterday & he seems to check on me if I am in the kitchen 0r comes to stand beside me when I am sitting at the picnic table. Like u said he is very easy to have around.. He is sleeping on the dog bed now surrounded by toys!! Never know he is only 3.oh he takes treats very gently from ur hand,a very well mannered guy. Can u tell I am in love???? Me & the zoo

KB's Gooseneck

KB’s Gooseneck

Not all tales are perfectly happy ever after, but most are, and some may take just a little longer period of adjustment for it to happen. One of our alumni, Kiowa’s Mardi Gras, was adopted by a lady who seemed to do everything wrong, but she hung in there, changed some things up, learned some things she didn’t know she didn’t know, and both adopter and adoptee are in love and happy. I personally believe that Mardi is better treated and receives more love than many humans on this planet. And hey, this is John’s Happy Tales, if you want negative items, go read the newspaper or stories about our politicians, we don’t do that kind of stuff here. As with buying or shopping for anything else, check with owners and people who have dealt with the company, they can give you the best reviews and insight. Check out a few greyhound owners and see what they have to say about their dogs. Just about everyone loves their pets, but there’s something about greyhounds that is special.

Elke Sommer

Elke Sommer

We’re getting closer and closer to the purpose of the blog. Yes, the adoptions. Last weekend we confirmed one adoption, and now I believe Speed Crazy, Cole of Ruckus, and Atascocita Axel are ready for delivery this coming week. Also, EC5 the secret code name for the fifth run to Emerald Coast, will be departing for north Florida with twelve dogs on Thursday. Since I’ve wasted so much space blabbering about other stuff, I won’t list the lucky dozen here, but I do know that two of them, Boomer Esiason and the little red beauty, KB’s Red Domino will be getting their passports updated because they will be living in Canada. That’s fifteen dogs for the week, not too bad.

I had heard of two returns but have seen neither hide nor hair of them, so officially I don’t have any returns for the week, but there may be some on the horizon. Currently we sit with 41 beautiful dogs for you to choose from and that number will surely rise during the week.

Kiss The Fish

Kiss The Fish

We had five new arrivals at the kennel over the weekend, one girl and four boys. Jax Justine is a four year old red girl, she is a ‘love at first sight’ kind of girl, so be careful when you come in and see her, at least I warned you. KB’s Aguilar arrived Saturday, three years old and brindle. Astar Speed Dial had no professional races and won’t be two years old until a couple days after Christmas. Looking for puppy love, he’s about as close as we get. The other two new arrivals are a little wet behind the ears. KB’s Marlin is a three year old red boy. Last but not least, and the dog who was scheduled to lead off the entire blog, but has fallen this far down because of all the other chatter,,,,, let’s hear it for KISS THE FISH. Yes, I thought Frog Strangler was great, but now we have, in our kennel, for the first (and last) time,,,, Kiss The Fish. Not only is this one of the greatest silly names, but the guy is beautiful. He just turned three years old and is listed as red, but it’s a very light red, he’s just gorgeous. You could be the first on your block to have a dog named fish. For those of you completely warped, you can check on UTube and find a song named Walking my Cat Named Dog by Norma Tanega, but that’s not important here. Last but not least, I have to mention KB’s Gooseneck, MV’s Caden, and Elke Sommer, three recent arrivals, but more importantly our web magician, Jerry Threedog Knight, should have access to their very recently completed photo shoot and might want to post one or more of them. So, another busy weekend is concluded with more dogs finding their forever homes, and we have many more to go, so have a great week, and come on out and see what we’re doing if you get a chance. If you have alumni, drop us a line and let us know how they’re doing, we love to see and hear from our ‘people’, two and four legged.