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John’s Happy Tails Report
7/8/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Now Expanding To Play Yards, Dude Ranches, And A Foster Home Near You.

Into the first full week of July, the beginning of the dog days of summer and we are making progress. Somehow, somewhere, all the dogs are living comfortably in kennels or foster homes, so everyone has a secure roof over their heads. The van is scheduled for the additional air conditioning unit this week which means we will soon be able to transfer dogs to other groups needing adoptables, which will mean opening up spaces in our kennel for additional dogs or dogs being returned from fostering. This is all very good news, as the Fourth of July party is fast becoming a distant memory. A large chunk of the ‘photos needed dogs’ was also taken care of over the weekend, so you’ll be seeing more and more pictures appearing of our inmates and we’re working on the “in kennel, adopted out, and in foster homes board” expansion so you (and we) can see exactly where everydog is currently located. There has been much movement recently as you would expect, all the dogs are not at the kennel at the same time, so we’re working on the logistics for that also. Never a dull moment. For anyone who might think they would like a dog or another dog, this is probably one of the best times to find out without obligation, dogs will probably be needing temporary foster homes, If it doesn’t work out, they were coming back to the kennel anyway and there’s the largest selection ever, if you can’t find one of our current 79? dogs to suit you, you might have to just get your own kennel. Seriously though, this is some food for thought for those on the verge of adopting or those who are thinking of an additional grey.

Fuzzy’s Boy Blue

Fuzzy’s Boy Blue

As it stands at this moment, I have no official factual idea of the past week’s activities. WW’s Propane was adopted and delivered during the week. Slatex Reno is also gone to his forever home, not sure if he was a foster failure or adoption. Fuzzy’s Boy Blue is the first official foster failure. A foster failure is a dog that is being fostered and the family falls in love with him and keeps him. I conveniently forgot to mention that in the opening paragraph, but a word to the wise, remember that it CAN happen to you, almost like the roach motel, they check in, but they don’t check back out. Boy Blue will now be living with his new brother Hermes, and as always, we wish them and their humans the best of health and a beautiful life together filled with love. CRT Amy has been adopted but will not leave the kennel until her human is settled in her new home, but that’s still another happy ending for a special needs girl, which is always what we strive for.

Roc A By Jukebox

Roc A By Jukebox

There are no official returns at this moment, and a bunch of very nice reports are coming in from the foster homes. Elvis, aka, Roc a by Jukebox is doing very good, I just went ahead and put his letter in his profile and you can see what kind of dog he is from the people he’s living with, who better to tell his story than the humans he’s living with. We had visits from Sheeba’s Prince and WWK Yellow Comet this past weekend and both are doing very well in their temporary homes. Diffy, aka, At Verminesjamin is at my house and I’m wondering how many years I can keep him before my wife realizes our separate definitions of temporary may not be quite the same. Diffy is perfect for me, he’s housebroke, quiet, gentle, a little skittish, but he lives here with two psychotic cats, two non grey dogs, and five or six people, and basically you don’t even know he’s here. Personally, if I could foster each dog for a few weeks, I could write some excellent profiles, nothing like getting to know each dog up close and personal.

Lots of action at the kennel this weekend. Baths, photo shoots, nails to be done, always something going on. A lot of visits by alumni, it’s still nice to sit out under that big oak tree, especially if there’s a nice breeze coming through. I mentioned something about Jerry Three Dog’s belt last weekend so this weekend he came in without a belt to counter my report. This action virtually guarantees that I won’t be mentioning anything in the future about his pants or shirt, I don’t even want to be responsible for going in that direction.

Three new dogs came in on the weekend, A Star Powerrules, Out of Design, and TB’s Moolineum, which I haven’t even seen yet, so if you’re looking for the freshest of the fresh off the track, stop by and give them a treat, check them out. We have Wild West Nicky, whom I call Puppydog Nicky because he’s barely a year old and he has the worst haircut ever given, he has to be seen to be believed. CB’s Bentley is a new arrival, they call him Chucky, but I think I’m going to keep an eye on him, seems I remember a Chucky from an old horror movie a while back. Lebowski is also just in, my second unofficial greyhound not really of Polish descent, but I pretend he is. Come on out and visit us, it’s a virtual free-for-all out here on any given weekend. Lots of dogs, lots of love, come out and see what these beautiful animals are all about.

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    Reno was a foster failure.