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John’s Happy Tails Report
7/28/14 Mostly Happy Tales About Greyhounds, Some We Know, Some We Don’t And Other Related Events.

10501907_777178752302428_9081623554479343774_nWell, we found out first hand that the letters have been mailed out. We will probably be doing a lot of time fundraising for the new kennel unless we find a few very generous sponsors in the immediate future. I am in Dade and the action is in Broward. I’d lean on Michelle to supply us with the information and updates straight from the horse’s mouth, but I’m sure she’s got her schedule full working on the new kennel. I originally wanted to just write some news because she was always busy and I enjoyed updating and filling in on what was going on in the kennel. Of course, this was back in the days when almost all the action was on the weekends and I was there all weekend. Now it’s a little different, so I must be content with mostly filler material until the real deal comes along.

Como Se Yama

Como Se Yama

We currently have eight dogs listed as available for adoption. The latest arrivals are Como Se Yama and Pinball Wiz. Como is a senior lady, almost eleven years old, she was found wandering the streets and is currently in a foster home waiting for someone to let her finish out her life in her own real home. She is cat and other dog tolerant, and is house trained; she just needs some love and attention. Pinball Wiz is a youngster, may have been good at pinball but not at racing. He is currently on home trial with his sister, which may or may not be permanent. He is a beautiful pup and he will definitely find a home pretty darn quick. For more information on them and any of the other dogs, you may contact Jerry or Michelle. One advantage we have over the other kennel, we’re not limited to weekends, you can set up an appointment to see any of the dogs anytime during the week.

In other less important news, we had four greyhounds running loose and wild at the Miami Springs dog park last Saturday evening. Diffy was ecstatic when he saw Lizzy and Trent enter, and even Joan O’Brien stopped in, so I’m glad to hear she was feeling better. There was a gathering up in Coral Springs this evening which I haven’t heard a report on. We missed it, got company in town and we had to take him to the airport this afternoon, but I will or Michelle will let us know how that turned out. I also have this happy tale from the new humans of Atascocita Degas, one of our up north girls who found her little bit of heaven on earth. I Will share this with you unless they edit it out. [Click here for Atascocita Degas happy tale.] Even though we’re temporarily almost running on empty, we are still making an impact throughout the land. Hopefully I will have more of these stories in the near future. Remember, we’re still open for business, we still have greyhounds and hopefully you will get some good news in the near future straight from the FOG’s mouth.