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John’s Happy Tails Report
7/22/14 Mostly Happy Tales About Our Greyhounds From Where Ever We Can Get Them For The Near Future.

July 21st was a personal day off, not by choice but by sheer lack of time. Birthdays only come once a year (except for cats who celebrate nine days a year) and a visit by my big little boy pretty much took up the day. I feel that it’s very appropriate that my birthday falls on the anniversary of two great Civil War battles. Both battles of BULL RUN were on my birthday, and I have been known for bull run for some reason. There were no big events or news to miss however, so I don’t feel too guilty. We are still working on the new kennel; Michelle and Jerry are busy as bees trying to put this together. They have the dream, they have the motivation and about the five hundred thousand? Two out of three ain’t bad and they’re working on it. We met Joan O’Brien at the Miami Springs dog park on Sunday and she and Diffy put on a speed and agility demonstration that wowed the other dog people. There was a big bull dog there that was built like and actually looked a lot like Larry Csonka. The regular dog parks only remind us of how much we miss our play yard and our fast friends.

Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

Atascocita Otto & Atascocita Sue

The available dog list is interesting as usual. We have nine dogs available on this list, but two have been delivered to homes already. However, we just received two nine year olds as returns. Atascocita Otto and Atascocita Sue are used to being together, and at nine, why separate them, so we’re hoping that they can go out together. They are well behaved and are ready to just walk in and be experienced pets, so if you have room in your house and room for a couple years of senior love in your heart, they would be glad to share the rest of their time together with you. Sue is cat tolerant but Otto is not. I think there’s a new puppy arriving also. His name is Tommy, racing name is either Pinball Wiz or Pinball Wizard. I don’t have the complete story, I want to say that he was the one that either ran backward (the wrong way, but not in reverse) or he tried to get the rabbit by going across the track instead of chasing it around the track. Either way, he doesn’t have a racing future, but he’s obviously pretty sharp, you might want him as a business partner as well as a pet. In the unusual but not necessarily useful news department, Michelle informed me that this August will be the only time in our lifetime that August will have five Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It only happens every 823 years. We had our chance for a five weekend August and missed out because we had to close the kennel down two months before. So we missed out on a five weekend month, but it wasn’t entirely our fault. Ok, that’s the news on the fly as I have it for this week. Stay tuned, we hope to be giving some good progress reports as soon as we get some good progress to report. Remember, we are still open for business and we have greyhounds available for adoption. I may not always know the exact number, but check the website or call Jerry or Michelle and they will be glad to set up an appointment at your convenience. One advantage already being realized, we’re not restricted to five hours, two days a week, so we will be a lot more convenient for potential adopters. We’re rollin’ baby.


  1. Katherine says:

    I love your blog posts. On top of being informative, they’re quite funny. Always a good read!

  2. Erica says:

    Sorry, but the 823 years thing is an urban myth. :/