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John’s Happy Tails Report
6/9/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Almost Anyplace But Inside And Around The Hialeah Kennel.

The Hialeah Kennel era officially came to an end last weekend. We ended up having an unofficial party, with a bunch of old friends visiting and giving their best wishes, and celebrated with some great homemade dishes of mac and cheese from Lynn the collar lady as well as meatballs from Jill and Lynn. Julie and Jill supplied the sugar with derby pie, orange and chocolate cake. I think that covers the homemade, and Chris and Chris supplied some pizza and crazy bread. I don’t believe anyone went home hungry.

Cry Colbie was returned to us on Saturday, as usual, through no fault of her own, a severe allergy problem with one of the family members, but she was immediately readopted the next day and already has a post showing her new family and she is getting along with everyone including her new animal siblings, so the last story in the first chapter has a happy ending at this moment at least. In fact, all the stories we got were how well the dogs are doing, which I’m sure reinforces Michelle and Jerry’s determination to regroup, relocate, and continue rescuing these wonderful dogs. And, these are not only stories about the ‘showcase’ dogs, but ALL of the dogs, the injured, and broken, seizure, special needs, too old, too slow, etc. Yes, I am repeating it, and it’s worth repeating. All the dogs deserve a chance at life, not just the ones that they find it convenient or at no cost to get rid of. It won’t be easy, but there seems to be a lot of people out there willing to help make FOG even better, if not bigger than before. A lot of experience has been learned and lessons learned in the previous decade plus of rescuing over nineteen hundred dogs, hopefully it will be used to continue. Nothing will be finalized until they return from the long planned, but well-earned trip they are taking with their granddaughters, but there have been many pledges and promises, so we’ll see what the next chapter brings. We do wish this next fiasco in waiting that the tracks/casinos have cooked up well, if only because the welfare of the dogs is the bottom line, and hopefully there will be people watching to see how it goes. Unfortunately, the dogs have no real voice in their destiny, so maybe that will change and they will get a little help from their friends.

Please stay in touch, or at least check up on us when you can, we will still operate the website and Michelle or I will try to keep the blogs up to keep you informed on the latest happenings. Don’t expect too much until after June though, we are officially out of dogs, the kennel is officially closed for now, we are still cleaning out the office until next weekend, and after next weekend there will be the vacation, and then, and then, things could start to happen. Ok, bottom line, all our dogs have been accounted for. We will still be taking returns and offering support for the alumni, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, needs, just like always. We’re working on getting a meeting place so we can meet and let the kids run on the weekends just like always, so hopefully we’ll get something set up, formally or at the least, informally. Keep the faith, keep your pups happy and we’ll be back with a vengeance, vegetarian, V-8, or something like that. Thank you all for all your support and all your dedication towards saving these beautiful dogs, they are well worth the effort. Obviously, those who live with them understand this To the tracks/casinos through your own financial interests and the racing kennels, through misinformation or your own personal personnel dislikes,you don’t understand what a good friend and public relations asset you’ve lost. What goes around comes around and you can bet on it.

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  1. lisa6dog says:

    When one kennel closes, another opens- just like the light at the end of the tunnel.FoG WILL be back, and even better than before !! Thank-you to ALL who’ve made the rescue of countless racers-into-pets happen. Withlove, Lisa6dog…and Sheena, Duncan, Penny, Alex, Riley, Boudreaux