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John’s Happy Tails Report
6/24/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Sometimes A View From The Volunteer’s Kennel.

First order of business is a subject very near to my heart, actually directly below it, occupying most of the space between there and my legs. Food! Pre July 4th, in honor of July 4th, or just an excuse to mix some grub with our greys, whichever you want to call it, we will be cooking next weekend, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc., some traditional salads, and deviled eggs are part of the menu. You’re welcome to bring a dish, even one with food on or in it if you’re ambitious, or just show up and help us empty them, either way you’re sure to have a greyt time, and of course, your four legged friends are welcome.

I was out of town last week and am not aware of any dogs being adopted, but there were no returns either, so it was a quiet weekend, which I appreciate, I hate to miss any of the action. This past weekend was modestly better, Kiowa Mardi Gras still has an application and I believe she will be leaving the building next week or thereabouts. Flying Eyeliner, aka Yalain, is due to be delivered this coming week. She met some beautiful humans who also have a distinguished looking Weimaraner, or at least that’s what he told me he was. I spent all afternoon trying to pronounce it and gave up. He’s extremely handsome and nine years old and our famous blue dogs have nothing on him. They also have a Beagle to be named later that either didn’t need to make the trip or was there on a previous visit. In any case, it looks like our Flying Eye is going to be a very happy girl very shortly. We all wish the best of luck and health to Yalain and her new family.

TMC's Jailbait

TMC’s Jailbait

I take one week off and we acquire almost a dozen new dogs. The count is now well over our 47 dog standard, dogs are temporarily fostering, sleeping in the kennel office, renting motels and camping out under the stars until we get a bunch adopted, so if you were with us as recently as a few months ago when we were at least a dozen dogs short of our standard and didn’t see anything you liked, you might want to come in in the immediate future and take another look, we have probably the largest selection of greys ever. Our current oldest are three sexy senior ladies at seven years young, two of them have been living together forever and we’d love to have them go out together, and another seven year itch girl returned because her human passed away. We have a blue dog and a couple blue brindles, which are not often seen around these parts. We have a very young pup that’s barely a year old I believe, he’s even too young to shave, but he tried and they caught him with a razor halfway through his comical attempt to shave himself, so he’s looking a little strange at the present time. We have every age in-between one and seven years, all sexes, virtually every color combination and all our adoptables have four on the floor manual transmissions and know how to use them. We have cat tolerant as well as non, even a couple that are listed as ok with cats, you might even want to come in and ask exactly what that means because I’m not sure myself. We have a dog named Jackie Gleason as well as Where You At, and HandBallLucy, you can’t make stuff like that up. With the influx and outflow of all these animals, I have the perfect excuse for being behind on the individual profiles and I am more than willing to use it, however, it’s always the best idea to just come in and check them out for yourself as they seem to love to make a liar out of me with whatever I use to describe them and have done it as often as not.

Turbo Anthony

Turbo Anthony

The dogs as well as the humans at Friends of Greyhounds are greytly appreciative of our wonderful volunteers. On Saturdays and Sundays you won’t find them lounging around at the beach- you’ll find them bathing dogs, walking dogs, hanging out with dogs, or doing one of the many other jobs that help both our staff and the dogs. One of the best things about our volunteers is that usually they end up becoming greyhound adopters too…… and they keep volunteering.

Our wonderful volunteers wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that they love all of the dogs in our kennel, but that doesn’t keep them from having special favorites that nudge their way into their hearts a little differently. They also feel just that little bit extra excited when one of their favorites finds a forever home.

Jill is one of the volunteers who has a special fondness for black greyhounds. She says that she probably got this from our website where she found out that black dogs are for some unknown reason a bit harder to get adopted. So most weekends you can find her walking one of our beautiful black dogs around and coaching them on the things that will make them a great addition to your home. Her favorites right now are Turbo Anthony, a big handsome black male, and TMC’s Jailbait, better known as Betty, a pretty little black female. Jill is one of our volunteers who became an adopter and keeps coming back. Her dog, Rainey, is a petite black female who lives quite happily with a – you guessed it- black cat. Jill would love to take Anthony or Betty home but neither are cat friendly. Although Anthony and Betty aren’t cat friendly, many of our other dogs are and would be happy to come live with you and your kitty. Liz is a longtime volunteer who is also our resident shy dog expert. She’s the proud parent of not just one, not just two, but three FOG dogs as we proudly call them. On the weekends Liz brings Pixie, Bashful, and Amy to lounge around and hang out with their greyhound buddies while she volunteers in the kennel. Liz’s special friend TMC’s Lookahere, affectionately called Rosey, is a charming fawn female who looks as if she has artfully applied a little eyeliner to impress possible adopters. Liz’s house is pretty full right now so she’d love to introduce you to Rosey to see if she would fit into your heart and home.

TMC's Look A Here

TMC’s Look A Here

That’s a little insight into our volunteer force, thanks to Jill for helping me out with that, and to Liz and all the rest of the unnamed guys and gals that do all the less mentioned but greatly appreciated and important work that keeps us afloat and able to operate and help our beautiful four legged friends find the loving homes they deserve. We also received a real nice email from Bunny’s humans. Bunny was adopted out in May, and is on track to be another one of those ‘the love of my life’ dogs. She’s been the almost perfect angel so far and is well on her way to providing all the love and devotion the greys are famous for. Thanks for keeping us posted Robin, and thanks again for taking one of these beauties into your home and heart and may all your love for her be returned a hundredfold.

Time and space won’t allow me to list all the most recent arrivals, but I will get to them in the very near future. I’ve also just been informed that there’s probably another half dozen dogs due to arrive by the end of the week. This is not confirmed, but don’t worry, we still have plenty of dogs available, feels like one of those car commercials where they’re overstocked and have to reduce inventory. Summer is upon us, if you’re not traveling but taking some time off with or without the kids, what better time than now to adopt one of these beautiful dogs and bring them home and get to know them. Come on in and see them in person, you may or may not adopt one immediately but it will be a fantastic opportunity to see and learn about these unique animals, the second fastest land animal in the world. They specialize in world class speed and large hearts filled with unconditional love.