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John’s Happy Tails Report
6/23/14 Mostly Sparse But Happy Tales From West Hialeah But Not From The Kennel.

grand_bridgeAt least some of us should be having fun by now. The executives of the FOG should be enjoying typical Alaska style weather by now, which may include fog. It looks like rain and fifty degrees for most areas up there, as we swim through our own daily monsoons of summer. We still have three dogs available for adoption as most things will retain the status quo until our swallows return to our Capistrano. Benny of Ruckus, Chicks Love Me and somebody named Keltie are still available for adoption, they make up the entire selection at the moment. Look for more real progress after the turn of the month. The last I heard we still have big plans for the reopening of a FOG kennel, so stay tuned, but feel free to move about the county until we get back in action.



The biggest news of the week is from Jerry. Not Jerry D., but Jerry B., our webmaster. One of his seniors, Jazzy, was called into service last week to donate blood and the doctor said she saved a dog’s life. If you didn’t already know, greyhounds are among the few ‘universal donors’ in the dog world, their blood can be used for transfusions to help virtually any other breed of dog. I have read that up to 70% of all greyhounds have blood which can be used, so not only are they beautiful pets, but they help their fellow canines, much like we do when we give to the blood bank. Congratulations to Jazzy, and I’m sure a big thank you from the receiving dog’s humans also. It also shows that we seniors also have some use besides being a stationary target for flying birds to practice their bombing runs. Jerry B. has also put together a little slide show of greyhound eyes. I’ve always heard about how beautiful and sensual greyhound (and most dogs in general are), so go ahead and post it Jerry, I think it would be nice. If we are having a shortage of real live complete greyhounds, maybe we can build you one, one part at a time. The eyes have it for this week, maybe next week he’ll come up with another part. Tails are a big part of the greyhound greeting system, much like us shaking hands, they sniff butts whenever someone new comes in, and there have been some very interesting tail tales at the kennel over the years, from no tails, to extremely long tails, curly tails, and crooked tails. Even bent tails, one of which I helped create when I shut the office door a little too soon while hustling a dog outside during a rainstorm. I won’t mention his name, and he wasn’t too happy about it when it happened, but I’m sure if Flying Commander came back to visit us, we could both laugh about it now. I know I can at least.

Well, that’s about the most excitement I can come up with for the non-existent kennel news. The head lettuces will return after the first of July and fur will fly and you’ll be seeing nothing but dust and tail feathers as the new FOG movement gets underway. We hope. Meanwhile, stay tuned, keep your friends close and your enemies closer and remember, it’s never too early to think of an excuse to have ready for them when they invite you over to see their three thousand picture slide show of the recent vacation.

Greyhound Eyes*

* and one horse