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John’s Happy Tails Report
6/2/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel, As Spoonfuls Of The Turnout Sand Are Being Sold As Souvenirs For Two Hundred Dollars A Bag.

Lynn "The Collar Lady" Piper

Lynn “The Collar Lady” Piper

Ok, maybe not, but I had to try to get some attention since Michelle stole all my thunder. You can check out the thunder to which I refer on the website and that pretty much tells the story of what’s going on as far as the kennel and the immediate future are concerned. [Click here for Michelle’s article] For those of you that ignore Michelle and only listen to me, mainly Diffy, I will cover some of the main points. First and most important, all the dogs are accounted for. Next weekend will be our last weekend and Lynn the collar lady will be there with her beautiful collars. It is not an official party, but you can bring something if you want, desserts are always greatly appreciated, and it’s possible that we may just go with a some pizza and coke around noon time. Everything and almost anything that is not tied down and being put in storage will probably be up for sale, so if you see something, feel free to ask about it. You can even bring fourlegs for one last romp around the play yard. There are a lot of great memories and stories that have been made and told there.

John, Diffy  & Bear

John, Diffy Rainey & Bear

That covers the major items. The future will be what it will be. Despite what we personally think about the actions of the casino/tracks, our main concern will remain with the dogs. We not only plan to relocate and continue to rescue these dogs, but hope to be even better with all the years of experience and knowledge that we’ve gained and without the restrictions of being politically correct in not offending pro and anti-racing factions, still continuing to give all the dogs, not just the showcase dogs, a second chance at life. From my experience I’ve always thought we were a great public relations tool for the tracks and racing kennels. I was instructed from day one not to bad mouth anyone, the racing industry being what it is, it’s my job to find a good home for those dogs that were no longer racing. As far as the racing kennels are concerned, I only know a couple of the trainers and the ones I have seen treat their animals like family. Others may have totally different stories and experiences but that has nothing to do with me, my job, as was everyone’s, was to be neutral and get loving homes for all the dogs and I think we’ve done an excellent job, judging from the feedback I’ve gotten from the people on both sides of the fence. In my opinion, the casino/tracks are losing a pretty good deal for their dogs and public relations. With complete faith in what goes around, comes around, with both good and bad karma, we will see what happens in the future. As Michelle says, we have a lot of friends and we’re determined to continue rescuing the dogs. While we will no longer be in Hialeah, it appears that a few people will be watching to make sure our friends the casino/tracks and their affiliates are doing what they are supposed to be doing. If they are, great, the more the merrier and the better for the dogs, there are lots of dogs that still need to be helped and there’s plenty of work to do. So please stay tuned, or at least check in with us when you can, we’ll still be here, if nothing more in the near future than taking returns should we happen to get any, but things will start moving pretty soon, so stay in touch, it could get interesting.


  1. Jill says:

    A slight correction – the greys in the picture are Rainey and Bear not Diffy and Bear. Diffy is waaaaay bigger than that!

  2. Jonathan says:

    It has been sad and exciting at the same time. To see the FoG family come together is amazing! Pachino AKA SCAR is an example of the work Michelle and FoG have done. He was looking for a home, I had no intention of another BIGer boy, but as always, Michelle knew the perfect companion, intro me to him and BAMM, he is already an integral part of my three man 10 leg pack! Thanks for everything, I hope we can organize periodic gatherings at a local dog pack until the new kennel is ready!!!!