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John’s Happy Tails Report
5/27/13 Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Once In A Blue Moon, A Rare Visit From A For Real Genuine Eight Week Old Greyhound Puppy Dog.

Chasmo's Carly

Chasmo’s Carly

While people drove by our kennel all day last weekend, unknowing and uncaring about what was going on in the kennel across the sleepy old canal and under the big shade trees, a small group of alumni and their humans were celebrating the Memorial Day Holiday with food and festivities. We have a special community of people and animals and it’s never more evident than on the special events we hold. Those of you who couldn’t make it missed a great time, those of you who did, we all thank you, I speak for the entire staff when I tell you that words can’t express the feelings we get when we see old friends come back, two and four legged, letting us know how they’re getting along. It was truly a remarkable time. Saturday was wall to wall people and dogs, the memorial chain was up and it’s awesome seeing over fifteen hundred dog collars, each one representing a life saved and special memories of love and sometimes tears. for those who have gone too quickly, the lives changed, both dog and human. Sunday was a little quieter, but we managed to gather in the play yard and sing Happy Birthday to Maria, one of our dearest, hardest working, and most devoted volunteers, who was celebrating her 29th Birthday I think. Our version was followed immediately by an impromptu version howled by the greyhounds in attendance. It’s still being debated which version was the closest to being on key. If you were lucky enough to be there in the afternoon, you could have seen and held an eight week old puppy. I’m told that it’s very rare to see a greyhound puppy, even for us as well as the general public.

During all the festivities, we still managed to adopt out four greys. Coincidentally, I think all four of them were adopted by people who already have greyhounds. Not really a coincidence, I’ve already told you several times, they are highly addictive, and like potato chips, it’s hard to stop with just one. Cake Walk took a walk on the Boardwalk, passed go, and went home with her new family on a home trial. WW Char, a blue brindle boy, went on home trial with his new family and former alumni Risktaker Eddie. Where You At, aka Waldo, was here for about fourteen seconds, he’s one of those rare blue dogs, and he’s gone already. Super C Alma is still here only because she needs to be spayed, and she will be going to her new home right after that. She was almost adopted within an hour the first morning she was here. Her new name is going to be Luna if I have my facts straight. Best wishes for a life of love and good health for all of you and your humans too. For those of you that might wonder about it, all dogs are home delivered to your house, however if you have or have owned one of our dogs previously, you can usually take your adoptable home direct from the kennel for a home trial, if they have already been spayed or neutered and are ready to go. Good for those people like me that was it now, not later, and can’t stand the anticipation like watching that bottle of ketchup in the old Heinz commercials while Carly Simon sings her song ‘Anticipation’

I’m happy to report that there were no returns this week. Rumor has it that there will be one next weekend, but we’ll deal with that when it happens.

Slater Saturn (Sandy)

Slater Saturn (Sandy)

This is the part where I try to give a little sneak preview of the new dogs arriving. Some adopters are looking for something special that interests them and we’ve had them show up at nine thirty looking for one of the previewed dogs, like the blue ones that come in periodically . We have four new arrivals this weekend, one boy, and three girls. Slater Saturn is a cute little red brindle two year old, we call her Sandy, but she’s not the Sandy that left Danny at the drive in She was born on New Year’s Eve in 2010. Flying Paula R is also two years old, she had a hot racing career, and this little light brindle is ready for her forever humans to come and take her home. Last and most petite is Chasmo’s Carly, just retired and just turned four years old after an excellent racing career. She is a sweet little red girl if you like the TV version of I Carly, you will love our greyhound version of Me Carly. With the departure of four dogs this weekend there will probably be more brand new arrivals just in time for next weekend.

Flying Paula R

Flying Paula R

My condolences to our President Jerry, he missed the entire weekend. He had to replace the engine in his car or he would be walking to work for the foreseeable future. Tough choice, but probably the right one, provided he got the new engine in. What a weekend, thanks again for making it one of the best ever, thanks to the volunteers and Chef Mike, who filled Chef Jerry’s shoes admirably. Thanks also to the Collar Lady, aka Lynn, for her beautiful collars, the mac and cheese, which finished its career as my lunch today, and the Derby Pie from Ms. Julie, both made versions for both days, and the others who brought individual dishes I can’t identify because they were gone before I got to them. We have truly special animals and special people to go with them. We had Notre Dame and Alabama people, together, mixing and mingling, the puppy visit was the perfect ending to a fabulous weekend. I met Good Golly Molly, now known as Zoey I believe. All of them are beautiful; some like Slugbug Bob, in their own special way, but this girl Molly was really stunning to me. She is a blue fawn, basically a golden girl with a glow. Of course I made a fool of myself falling all over her, I even asked her humans if the polished or waxed her. She went out when I first started working here and I had her mixed up with another dog, a mistake I won’t make again. We close with my favorite Murphy’s Law moment. While sitting in the office Sunday afternoon, Michelle was looking around and talking about what a special breed of dogs these are, all these dogs gathered around in one small place, basically wall to wall, and no fights are snapping at each other. Exactly as she said this, a dog stepped on Crystal who was lying in the middle, and she rose up and yelped at him. What timing. And that was the only incident of the whole weekend that I know of. Good times, good food, great people and hounds, making more memories, again, thanks to everyone for the good times.DSC_9792DSC_9790

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  1. SUE MIQUEIRO says:

    Hi John,
    My husband and I were one of the adopters on memorial day weekend. We adopted Cakewalk, now known as Lilah Abrigale. She is deliscious! Dan and I are smitten, and Zoe our 9yr old grey(Hook Dreamer) is getting there! Lilah has mastered the stairs, loves to play with toys and is a big snuggler. She is so affectionate and very curious! She is aclamating much faster than our other three have in the past. She understands no and stay already, but we moniter her closely for her own safety. We cage her when we are at work or out as of now, but she slept upstairs with us from day one. Yesterday she met our greyhound group that meets Saturdays and Sundays at 8 AM. I think she now has a boyfriend…Norm, a white male with the cutest black freckles…I don’t blame her! Maybe today she will meet Luna. She is not used to little dogs and other breeds but we feel in time she will understand that they are now part of her world as well. Well it’s almost time for the park. I want to thank everybody for their help and dedication through this whole process. After all, who resuces who?