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John’s Happy Tails Report
5/26/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel.

100B3283We’d like to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all who served, and also to those with four legs who also served their country. As they say, all gave some and some gave all. This will be our last holiday in the Hialeah kennel as most of you already know. We hope to relocate and continue rescuing these beautiful greyhounds when they are no longer wanted for racing. You will be happy to know that all of the current dogs have been accounted for, either by adoption or going to foster groups up north and out west. The final three were taken care of over the weekend, so we will be working with an empty kennel to finish out our stay here. We are still here for support, returns, and the play yard has not been closed as far as I know, so you can come visit and let your ‘kids’ run and play in the play yard, and we will still have some cold cokes and water and possibly whatever else someone brings in. They even moved the security car which I guess was helping guard our gate to make sure none of you dangerous adopters got through and violated the dignity of the rest of the compound.

IMG_4785I am sure that Michelle or Jerry will post on the website any information in regards to our progress and status, so stay tuned and check in on us when you get a chance. Jerry has promised me some news, so I will try to post something on Mondays to keep us volunteers and regular grass roots folks up to date on what’s happening. Meanwhile, there are some items still available that we’re trying to sell or get rid of, so if you might be interested you can call Michelle or Jerry, or possibly they will update it on the web. For the first time ever, I am completely caught up on the profiles and am currently one dog short of being completely caught up on the photos. We Be Jammin is already spoken for but I have to have my able bodied assistant capture her likeness in film this week before she departs, then we will be ready to move on to the next adventure. So that’s our story for this week, kind of sparse, but, the important thing, all the dogs are taken care of and will have at the very least a foster home, so we’re good to go. Hopefully as we move on, there will be more happy to report in my happy tales, in the meantime, take care of the ones you have and pray for the ones that will be needing help, from what I’ve heard about the new ‘system’, they will be needing all the prayers they can get. Good luck to Jerry with his pictures, I have no names for him this week, but that may change in the near future. Have a greyt week and stay in touch with us if you can.100B3004