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John’s Happy Tails Report
5/20/13 – Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel, And Sometimes The Gratigny Parkway, The Courthouse, Infinity, And Beyond As Buzz Wouldn’t Say.

If anyone complained about lack of activity on Mother’s Day weekend, we more than made up for it during the week and this past weekend. I participated in my very first search and rescue mission on Thursday. In the past three or four weeks three lost greyhounds were reunited with their families, two of them were our alumni that got away and another was brought to us and his owner was located. This is a happy tails place and I try to keep it that way as much as possible. I still have the picture in my mind of one of the lost greyhounds, Kimbo, getting a ‘relaxing’ bath after being brought back home, with a disgusted look on his face. No get lost and dirty, no get bath, problem solved. In my case, I got a call on Thursday and was asked if I wanted to go look for a greyhound that was running loose. The only information we had at the moment was it was near a construction site on the Gratigny Parkway and 119th street. To me, they are both one and the same, however the Parkway does end around 32nd avenue and it becomes 119th street so to that spot we went. The area is all business and warehouses by Miami Dade whatever College they call it now. Chris saw a couple guys in hardhats at some galvanizing plant and wanted to take another run by since it was the only thing that resembled a construction site. The second pass I saw a large dog so we went in. The dog was a large Doberman/Chocolate Lab, about ten months old; the guy said that the dog had wandered in there a couple hours earlier. The dog was beautiful, as friendly as he was big, a little smelly, but we put him in the back seat and notified Michelle, who was also in the area searching with Marlene. It turns out that this was not the dog or greyhound in question, and that the grey was reportedly running with another dog. To make a short story long, we never did find any dog or dogs running, greyhound or otherwise. I still don’t know who this guy called to report the dog, the Animal Control Services communications were all down that morning, as fate would have it. We found someone who will make sure the pup will get a good home, and he will, he’s beautiful and very friendly, so my first SAR was a success, however not quite in the way or breed that I had expected. None of our alumni have been reported missing and we have not heard of any other greyhounds that have gone missing, so maybe the ghost greyhound is still out there, maybe he isn’t’. Maybe Robert Stack will reappear with a new episode of Unsolved Mysteries and investigate the great ghost greyhound mystery, and my other favorite, whatever happened to the people who took Preparations A-G. My biggest lesson from the whole event is please, if you lose a dog, notify us as soon as possible, give accurate information, and get flyers posted ASAP, they were instrumental in the finding and return of the dogs.

Dream World (Wanda)

Dream World (Wanda)

That was just the beginning of the weekend. While dealing with this crisis I also found out that our two current residents at the Humane Society, Windy Wilma and Windy Wanda, were adopted out together. The Humane Society in North Miami Beach, at NE 163rd street and 22nd avenue is a beautiful facility and always keeps two of our dogs for adoption to show at their facility. Windy and Wilma are real sisters and it’s great that they went to a home together. Congratulations to them and thank you to the folks that adopted them, we wish them all many years of love, happiness, and good health together. To me this counts as two adoptions, even though they weren’t directly from our kennel, they’re our dogs. Rowdy Ridges still has her active application and over the weekend, the nameless wonder, Bunny, also picked up an application. WW Char is also on the block. Risktaker Eddie, one of our beautiful alumni, stopped by to say hello, accompanied by his humans. While he was sitting in the office discussing next weekend’s party with us and his limitations as far as surfing the food table, his people went over to look at WW Char, and they’ll be back next weekend. If Eddie likes Char, he will have a new adopted brother to go home with him, and he’ll be a lot more fun than the average squeaky toy. If he doesn’t, well, there’s always the food buffet to keep him happy. So, all in all, a very productive weekend, two dogs out, two more still here, but they have their bags packed, and are ready and waiting for the call. Flying Phobos (Vinny) and Dream Wprld (Wanda) also got some looks, as well as Kennel Manager favorite TMC’s Lookahere, aka Rosie. She’s the little red fawn in the back right corner, she doesn’t bring a lot of attention to herself, but she’s a real sweetheart and deserves to get herself a nice family. Diffy, Elvis, and Wanda also got some good looks last weekend.

Flying Phobos (Vinnie)

Flying Phobos (Vinnie)

There were no dog returns this past week, which is always good news, the returns are extra sad because it’s usually due to circumstances that the dogs have no control over or didn’t cause. The good news on those dogs is that they do have the home living experience that our fresh off the track dogs haven’t acquired yet. Yes, with John the glass is always half full, not empty, and most of the time it’s probably half full because I managed to spill it somehow. Grace is not my middle name, BullinChinaShop would have been more appropriate.

The story of the weekend was volume. We must have had two dozen dogs visiting outside in the play yard at one point on Sunday. I think the dogs outnumbered the humans, and there was no shortage of volunteers either. We had the parking lot filled with two rows of cars if you can picture that. I thought at first that someone gave them the wrong date for our Memorial Day party, which is next weekend, and they all came over for the food because they heard that Jerry might not be doing the cooking, but apparently we just have one tremendous tight knit highly sociable group of friendly people and dogs that like to get together. I knew if I didn’t write it down I would never remember all the dogs, and I didn’t even get to the play yard, but I did see Bally’s Sunny, who is Bally’s Rainy, two of our five siblings that I called our weather dogs, Sunny, Rainy, Breezy, Snowy, and Windy I think. Sunny just missed seeing her sister Rainy by a few minutes. Hillbilly Rich and Big Bad Scott put in an appearance. Add another twenty or so to that list who’s name I have forgotten already or didn’t see, or didn’t remember I saw.

TMC's Looka Here (Rosie)

TMC’s Looka Here (Rosie)

One new arrival on Saturday, Flying Sun, I have not met him formally; I believe he’s a male brindle, just over two years old. The only news I have on him is that the racing kennel trainer said he’s one of the nicest and friendliest dogs he’s ever had the pleasure to have known. More on him next weekend.

Next weekend is the big Memorial Day Weekend party. Food and dogs, what else could you ask for? Lynne, our collar girl, with the fabulous Southern accent, will be here with all kinds of collars, custom designed and made, wide ones, like the kind that a lady was looking for last weekend. They also sold my favorite stained glass piece that I had been watching right out from under me. You snooze you lose. We will have plenty of food and dogs. Our famous collar link chain will be hanging from the fence (as long as it doesn’t rain), representing the over fifteen hundred dogs that FOG has adopted out over the years. All the stories weren’t perfectly happy endings but you can bet the vast majority of them were and the amount of love that’s been shared by all participants is immeasurable. If you’re not doing anything special next weekend you might want to stop by. You don’t have to adopt or buy anything, the food is free, the dogs love company, and you’re free to spend five minutes or five hours (if you start talking to me), we’ll be there, like always, from ten until three o’clock. Come in and see what these relatively unknown and underappreciated greyhounds are all about. They are the second fastest land animals, second only to the Cheetah, but we believe they have the largest and most loving hearts in the world.