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John’s Happy Tails Report
4/8/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And From The Terrace Of The Italian Restaurant.

884315_552544701432502_242667228_oApril 6-7, 2013, the weekend that was. Horses and Hounds is now just a happy memory, and the one report I did get so far was that it was very nice and I’m sure Michelle will elaborate on that event in her blog. Meanwhile, back at the homestead with the skeleton crew, we held the fort down and survived. Highlighting my Saturday was seeing Hallo Sinsoney’s humans, and the now named Sunny himself. He left on a short road trip last weekend with his new people and greyhound sister Honey. He not only did the trip but had a great week in adjusting to his new digs. His new sister and humans love him and he’s one happy camper himself. Sony is a good friend of mine and I want the best for him, this was his third attempt at a home and it looks like the third time was indeed the charm, all parties are very happy and that’s what we aim for. We also had a group of kids from Palm Springs Middle School if that’s what it’s still called, on a field trip. Around a dozen potential greyhound owners learned about our beautiful animals, how to treat and take care of them and got to meet them up close and personal. Sunday was quiet; anyone that was anyone was up at the H&H event. I’m happy to report that no dogs got away from me this weekend and I’ve begun a new streak. I got to meet Bert, a very interesting gentleman, he adopted our famous Big Bad Scott a couple weeks ago. He has plans for Scottie to become a therapy dog. It seems Scottie has some plans of his own, so we’ll see who prevails in this household.

No rush to get to the movement section this week, it was slow. Oshkosh Eli was the only dog that received an application. Eli is a beautiful return dog, seven years old. He is our largest and one of the friendliest dogs, also one of the most accomplished. He lost his previous home through no fault of his own and you can tell that they truly loved him and took great care of him. He sits, shakes hands, or paws in his case, and will lie down upon command. Very few dogs enter our kennels with these credentials, including returns so they must have spent some quality time with him. He’s a lot like me in that you can see that he hasn’t missed any meals. His potential owners are also planning on getting another grey to live in a couple weeks after he’s made his adjustment to their house. Some adoptions fall through and they don’t like me marking him gone until he actually is, but this looks pretty good to me and I’m one of those half full kind of people, so I’m already offering my congratulations to dog and humans and may your lives together be filled with love and good health. Several looks and promises of return visits, plus the Hounds and Horses weekend indicate we might have some action in the coming weekend.

At Verminesjamin

At Verminesjamin (Diffy)

The return section is not the happiest section of the blog. We received At Verminesjamin, who is known as Diffy, late Sunday afternoon. Don’t have the full story but it seems like it just wasn’t a good fit for the family. He reenters the pool and will be available to bounce back out next weekend. You can always find the full story of any return from Michelle or Jerry at the kennel. We don’t do surprises, the more you know about your dog, the better it is for all concerned. This story became a happy tale for me. The kennel is completely full at this time, down to the last crate, so we decided to bring Diffy home with us for the night and bring him back on Monday. This was my first ever greyhound sleepover, I don’t have a greyhound, so it was excitement unlimited for me. After the kennel closed, we took Diffy and went to our Italian restaurant which has a couple tables outdoors. These dogs draw some attention, we even gave website information to a couple that was walking by and saw us. I can’t say us, they saw Diffy, and they probably didn’t even know I was there. Diffy was very well behaved, and he is a fan of cheese sticks, which we used to distract him from the fact that he no longer had a real home. The ploy worked and he spent the night with us, had no accidents in the house, got along with our two dogs and both cats so it looks like he’s housebroke, and dog and cat friendly, or at least tolerant. He told Charlie off when he stepped on his nose, but that was to be expected. So, I got to sleep with a greyhound in my house in my lifetime. There is hope. My biggest thrill since I got to go back on the big court at Dania Jai Alai and throw the ball around a couple years ago, something I never thought I’d get to do (or be stupid enough to try) again in my life. So, Diffy is back, but he’s not in a totally disgusting mood, if you’re looking for a nice big black dog that is home experienced, you might want to stop by his crate and talk to him.

Four girls and three boys make up the new arrival list for last week. Windy Wanda and Windy Wilma are two little black girls. I don’t believe either of them are fifty five pounds. If you’re in the market for a little petite girl, you might want to check them out. They are pups, they won’t be two years old until August, and they are both little sweethearts. They’re low mileage, only five and seven races, and the amount of races means nothing when it comes to how good of a pet they will be so that point is moot. Flying Eyeliner is a cute little red brindle girl, she was a Grade A runner but had a short racing career. We have complete medical and racing history of each greyhound, my information is not always completely accurate in terms of races but I’m usually close. Eyeliner won’t be two years old until May. The old lady of this new arrival group is Cindy Cee, she’ll be three the end of April. This Cindy is a gorgeous brindle. We’re back to a full house, we have young girls for you cradle robbers out there as well as mature adults and even a couple sexy seniors, so you can have it your way once again, we have a wide selection of girls. Windy Spring is a half-brother of the Windy girls, same mom, and different dad. He’s black, and almost a year older than his sisters. Two big boys have also arrived this week, not for the faint of heart; they are big, solid, and muscular. They’re just off the track, both were excellent racers. Sell High is a sibling of Sell Carsntrucks, who was adopted from us last year, he’s a beautiful brindle and even ran a couple Stakes races. WP’s Whiskey Man is a brother of WP’s Shot, who was also adopted out from us last summer. He is white and fawn and most probably be gone soon.

By giving you a little preview of our new arrivals, you may see one you might like and can get here early. John does the research and reporting, you reap the benefits. Too bad I can’t do this for myself and the fantasy baseball. I admit, I do that too, but it’s not as much fun as my greyhounds. I went to pick up this kid the Marlins have, Fernandez, and he’s already been picked up an hour before I got him. Day late and a dollar short. Nobody knows him except for Marlins fans locally, but it only takes one to ruin your day and get the little hidden gem in the rough. Don’t let this happen to you. If you see a dog you might like, come down and check it out, it may be gone if you procrastinate. Ok, time to quit, must leave some story for next week. Remember, don’t overlook these return dogs, I use Sony as a prime example, sometimes it takes a couple or three times to get it right, but when you do, the rewards are tremendous.