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John’s Happy Tails Report
4/22/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around Our Kennel And Sometimes As Far Away As Eustis.

Here we are again, the second attempt to cover the weekend kennel activities from afar, as I was in Eustis, Florida over the weekend promoting our beautiful animals while I was attending a mini school reunion with about thirty or forty fantastic people, mostly from our Thoroughbred class of ’65 who had gone to school at Glenn Curtiss Elementary, Miami Springs Junior, and Hialeah (or Miami Jackson) Senior High. I made the highlight reel again, dumping my entire plate proving I couldn’t open the pool gate with both hands full. The next day while helping clean up, I stepped on a plastic vent cover and when I step on something, it stays stepped on, ask any roach who’s been under my shoe. I guess it’s not too hard to understand why my social calendar is not overbooked and I spend a lot of time with my four-legged friends. It was however, good food, good times and memories, and good people. The class of ’65 was truly blessed with a lot of nice people.

Fortunately Michelle has covered most of the important stuff with her blog, which was well timed with my absence and the (ninth?) death of the van. We’re hoping it’s the ninth and final death and actually the final chapter in its career. They name most ships and consider them in the female gender, in modern times, hurricanes can be named after both male and female, but I don’t believe we’re allowed to repeat here the names the van has been called in recent months. Hopefully that chapter has come to an end and we are able to start a new one with a new vehicle. The Pompano Sea Food Festival is upon us and that’s worth mentioning twice. It’s time for Johnny to meet his public, or more accurately, Johnny’s brindle friends to meet the public. We’ll be there all weekend so stop by the FoG booth and say hello, or drive up and honk if you can get us a new van.

Ok, it’s time for us to get down to the real business. This may be checked and edited for errors, my information is second hand from what I can remember being told which makes it one step above hearsay. The first thing I saw after arriving ten minutes after we closed for the weekend was Lisa and she told me Par Beethoven had found his new home. Putting two and two together, adding six, multiplying by seventeen and taking the rounded off square root and dividing by seven point three zero, I have deduced that she has adopted Beethoven. After entering the office I found that CRT Eagle is on a home trial and Turbo Eduardo was at that moment getting his application (App. in real time kennel-speak) filled out. Cry Yahtzee is on hold pending adoption in May, if that fails he may be pressed into service as a sled dog to replace the ever sick van. Big Scott has come around to Bert’s way of thinking and is going to be a permanent part of Bert’s household. Don’t ask, I don’t know what happened to Ernie. This is the Greyhound Adoption Gospel for the past weekend, according to John, any additions or deletions will be handled next week. You of course know that if any or all (in a case or two) of these dogs were on your must see list and are seemingly gone, do not despair; best idea is to come in and see who’s here for yourself in person. Many times the dog you seek will not be the dog you get, but any dog you do find, you will probably want to share with your friends and family. That was a sneaky way to get our high school motto in, ‘To Seek, To Find, To Share’, yeah, still thinking about the real nice weekend past.

Pete Pow Wow Ski

Pete Pow Wow Ski

Facebook Official and Layne Jones were delivered during the week, so they are officially gone. There were no returns this week and we had four new arrivals that I know of, two boys and two girls. WW’s Propane is a real gas. She’s a cute little two year old fawn girl. I can’t wait to meet Cake Walk, she’s a four year old brindle with a hundred fifty races under her racing jacket and you know I love anything to do with cake. Jack’s Wildfire is a two year old black guy with a short but excellent racing career. He injured his leg but is fully recovered I believe. My favorite Polock, Pete Pow Wow Ski, has been joined by one of his brothers, Schick Shaver. Schick is known as Jocco, he’s a red brindle, almost four years old and was a Stakes racer during his heyday. It’s a good thing I wasn’t here last weekend or this report may have been really long. Four dogs out, more coming in this week, we’re praying for a new van and the Seafood Festival on the horizon, what else could we ask for? Remember, Pete Pow Wow Ski isn’t really Polish and Turbo Eduardo isn’t really Spanish, but it’s the closest we can come to providing an international selection of greyhounds, except for a few dogs that really are of Irish descent. In closing and last but far from least, another thank you to the US Coast Guard, and Joe in particular for his technical assistance in the washer/dryer maintenance department, they always seem to pop up just when we need them most and it’s greatly appreciated. We also have a brand new air conditioning unit for the kennel, well deserved after the previous unit expired after three hundred and six years of service, so we should be nice and cool for you when you visit the rest of the summer.