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John’s Happy Tails Report
3/4/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Near The Fence Where The Puppy Portraits Are Taken.

Those of us who thought the previous weekend was the busiest ever were pleasantly surprised by even more chaos this past weekend. Unofficially, and my count is ALWAYS unofficial, ten greys left or are scheduled to leave the kennel as a result of even more people discovering one of the best pets in the whole kingdom of Dogwood. Again, heaping spoons of thanks to all who helped make this possible. The USCG was very well represented again this weekend, I think there was only one, but she was cute. The volunteers were again superb, and a new kennel employee, Chris, adopted out his first dog on his first day. Sorry Anna, yours will come, don’t worry. There really isn’t any competition, the dogs basically sell themselves, even though they are mostly quiet and shy, there’s still something about them that needs to be seen to be believed. Even If you don’t adopt, it’s still a fun and learning experience for all ages, we’re family friendly and G-rated, the only four letter words the dogs use is woof. With last weekend’s activity, this short blog could get real long real fast, so on to the real story, but wanted to get another thank you to all of you for making it happen and those of you who came out to see our greys.

Backwood Ramrod

Backwood Ramrod

The weekend started early and fast, personally delivered Kiki Bee and Hawkeye’s Image to Bill’s group in Naples, who delivered them to foster homes back in his area. A good start was followed up by CRT Eagle, CRT Lady, and KB’s Powerpup getting applications on Saturday. Not to be outdone, on Sunday Nimby Cokolat, CRT Dainty, and Risktaker Eddie proved to have something that people couldn’t resist and also now have apps. Backwood Rosetta went out on home trial, and San Tan Pro Mo, NFL Post, and MV’s Ragatta I believe are scheduled for delivery this week. The administration department is being overwhelmed and the Kennelmaster is pulling his hair out trying to replace all the girls that are going out, but I’m having a great time writing the good news about the happy animals with a new life and the even happier people who will be experiencing a lifetime of unconditional love, greyhound style. Life is good in the slow lane.

Mully Grub

Mully Grub

No returns last week, so It was a good week in that department. Last weekend we welcomed in BD Lil Swinger and Harris Faulkner. Harris Faulkner is Harmony, she’s a little black girl, barely a year and a half old, for you cradle robbers out there. She ran no races professionally, and is very shy so far. BD Lil Swinger is Destiny, a little brindle girl, three years old, ran less than thirty races and apparently ran like I do, hence she joins me here in the adoption kennel, her racing career is finished. She is friendly and happy. Five new boys arrived during the week. I met Backwood Chester, a veteran racer, won over twenty thousand dollars in his three year racing career. Chester is a four year old brindle, beautiful disposition and has a dislocated hock or ankle. He will be on injured reserve for a while and won’t go out until he’s completely healthy, unless he’s fostered, but he is a really nice dog and is well worth the wait, someone is going to get a wonderful dog when he’s adopted. Backwood Ramrod is a gorgeous red fawn, big boy, mid- seventies in weight, four years old, and gentle but strong. Facebook Official, is a two year old guy, nice looking brindle with a black five o’clock shadow face, acts like he still wants to race. Flying Shepard a smaller, brindle boy, three years old, and last but not least, except when he raced, Mully Grub, we call him Merlin the magician because he always started the races in front, but by the time the race was over, he had disappeared somewhere. No kidding, I have him listed as 37 races and no wins or seconds. I will talk with him and find out his story, he indicated it had something to do with his racing name, which I can understand fully. If they had named Oreos Mully Grubs instead of Oreos, how many would they have ever sold? So that rounds out the new arrivals.

Ok, they’re throwing me curves. Usually I like to save the end for reporting the dirt I’ve dug up on some of our regulars. They’re keeping me so busy that I haven’t had time to spy on the regulars. Now, we’re getting, or I’m starting to get access to some of the reports of the dogs that have been adopted. I always try to tell the adopters to send an email and let me know how the dogs are doing. I’ve seen a couple emails recently and if I had a tail, I’d be wagging it for them. Smiling Missy’s people start with

‘the best dog I ever had. She has taken over the house and likes to decorate by moving pillows, shoes, etc. to her areas. She never destroys anything, just likes to move them around. She has three sleeping areas and won’t leave my side when I am at home, which is most of the time. She has a great life and is loving it. She likes to run a few times a day and loves her walks in the neighborhood wanting to say hi to anyone who will give her attention.’

This is from Richard and Diane, I won’t use last names, but they know who they are. Got a report in on Hallo Sinsoney, he’s having some trouble with the tile floor, but other than that, he’s doing fine. Maybe some throw rugs will help him out. Also Raging Donald is enjoying his new home, under the alias of Milo, I just went ahead and copied this letter:

Good evening. I just wanted to let you know that Milo is doing really well. He knows his new name and got over his uneasiness on the tile floor within a day or so. We got him a Great Dane sized bed and after day three he started sleeping on this with his blanket and stuffed animal collection. His favorite toys are a monkey and a pink fluffy heart. Oliver is adjusting to having a new brother. They certainly both enjoy their meals and treats!

So apparently tiles can be an issue, but most of the time, we overcome. These are real stories of real dogs and real people from beyond the adoption kennel, just like me, except my wife has said that I am unreal on occasions, I know she means it figuratively, not literally. Feel free to let us know how your new greys are doing, and make sure you tell Michelle or Jerry to ‘let John see the email’, sometimes I end up as the proverbial mushroom, I’m kept In the dark and fed fertilizer. So, we’ve had our dog day afternoons, three dog nights, and now we’ve had a ten dog weekend, life is truly good in the slow lane.