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John’s Happy Tails Report
3/10/14 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Sometimes The Tent Leaves Us.

There were too many irons in the fire this week, missed the kennel one day and along with many other distractions to deal with, we will be brief here this week. There were two applications that I know of this past weekend. Atascocita Tabi was a hot item and the object of more than one family’s affections. Joining her with an application of her own, Happy Anna went home with a new sister named Zoey. Diesel Outlaw is out on a home trial with a family that already has another FOG dog, I believe it is Royal Ambition, the former Rambo, but do not quote me on that one. There were no jailbreaks but the tent at the Renaissance Festival blew away and was damaged by a gust of wind when the front blew through on Thursday. Never a dull moment where unexpected expenses are concerned.

Real Dude

Real Dude

Our senior return dog Real Dude received an application but was not allowed in his new home because of a technical issue with his human, she is not allowed a dog, contrary to the info she received first, so she will have to relocate, which I believe she is in the process of doing. Having received no official information, we will have to go with this as the gospel until proven otherwise.

Kelsos Red Rory

Kelsos Red Rory

Five new arrivals this past week, three guys and two girls. The girls are big girls; Chasemustangsaly is a two year old red girl, and MV’s Dayton, a four year old red brindle girl. This was red week, as all the new arrivals were either red or red brindle. WWK Sweet Onions is a three year old red brindle boy. Next we have Uhaul Mack, a four year old red male, and last but not least, a red fawn three year old guy named RCK Empire Maker.

Razorscar is a recent arrival, I don’t know what happened in his racing career but he has a large scar across his back, he was definitely injured at some point, but he has a beautiful personality, maybe not for the people who are outside beauty oriented, but still a wonderful dog on the inside. Kiowa Hoss Henry is a big beautiful dark brindle two year old. Kelsos Red Rory just celebrated his third birthday last week, so you might want to check out this birthday boy. Next week will be another week, we’ve got another weekend of Renaissance and the Horses and Hounds event is fast approaching and you can get all the details on our website or facebook.

And we have a last minute addition from Michelle who’s been out and about town.

I delivered Atascocita Ing tonight to his new home in Coral Springs. He walked right up the three stories of apartment steps like he knew where he was going. A little tentative at first and a couple of stalls along the way but amazing since he’s probably never done steps before in his ife. It’s nice to have two black dogs go out in one week. And, Walkabout Digger went on a home trial. Attached is a pix of him investigating home appliances and having chicken for dinner.

The Horses & Hounds Charitable Foundation Presents

The 5th Annual Friends of Greyhounds Fundraiser
Sunday, March 23rd, 2:30 – 5:00 PM
[Click here to view the flyer.]