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John’s Happy Tails Report
2/4/13 More Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Sometimes Even The Ducks In The Canal.

Welcome to February, 2013, just off a record month, don’t know if it was a record for January or record month period, but I heard that 34 dogs went out last month and that tops all previous months even without counting the 17 that went to new homes up north. Don’t have exact numbers but also heard that the vast majority of dogs are already in homes, so life in 2013 has started off in grand fashion. Busy is good, but there is a price to pay and it’s not Ray. Ok, you’re too young to know who Ray Price is, but Michelle is behind on virtually everything, so are most of the rest of us, the photos, listings, profiles, are all just a tad behind, even the van is a breakdown behind, so please have patience, we will ketchup as fast as humanly possible. We all love the greys, but none of us can match their speed. The best way to experience these beautiful animals is in person anyway, so come on down and see them for yourself. We normally carry around 47 dogs; we have as of this morning 36 and will probably acquire more this coming week. We’re also looking forward to spring, which should include a meet and greet or two and Michelle will keep you posted on those events as they come up. Renaissance is currently not on the schedule, but I believe the Seafood Festival is, so check her blogs for coming events, Michelle and Jerry will have the official information, I specialize in speculation, rumors, possibilities, and just plain wrong information.

Turbo Geraldo

Turbo Geraldo

As previously stated, the weekend was very busy. Ring Master, Backwood Kaylen, and Raging Donald have official apps on them. Apps, as we discussed last week, are applications that people place on a dog that they intend to adopt so that no one comes and takes them out from under them, much like the people yesterday that had 9-4 in the Superbowl pool squares, only to have their winnings taken away in the last few seconds when Baltimore gave away a safety and changed the final score to 4-1, making some people very happy, but making others very upset in the process. Stick with me; you’ll be a wealth of information before we’re done. Raging Donald was looked at last weekend and the family returned to set up the final process, I believe he goes to his new home on Friday.

Many families already with a greyhound have been returning to add another one to their home. This was taken a step further Saturday when Frisco’s dad, Bob, took home Aspen Holly, to live with them. Holly just happens to be Frisco’s sister, and it’s obvious even now that she’s going to be a ‘Daddy’s Girl’. We get siblings in and every once in a while they end up coming in together. Such is the case with CRT Kay and CRT Kerrigan, both new arrivals and both will be only two years old on March 6TH. What a birthday present it would be for them to get a home together for their second birthday. May not happen, but it’s a happy thought. Kay is white and fawn and Kerrigan is white and black, they’d look great one on each end of your couch. Kay is as shy as they get, and both are beautiful little girls. Pictures aren’t up yet, you’ll have to come in and see them in person.

More beautiful news, three of our more mature girls, another way of saying sexy seniors, Fireinthesky, E’s Sweet Fanny (Turbo Geraldo, who is her biggest fan, told me that she is well named, and he would know, he’s got the fastest nose in the kennel), and Rido’s Jane have gone to the Gainesville Gold Coast Greyhound Adoption group.  They’ll be living it up in foster homes, so that means they won’t be in a kennel, and I’m hoping for more ‘Foster Flunkies’, those are the people that foster the dogs then fall in love with them and adopt them outright. My kind of people. Lots of dogs got lots of looks this weekend, no nap time for most of them. Lou got a hard check out from a gentleman and his daughter, and Roc a Bye Jukebox (Elvis) and Geraldo performed a terribly off key duet version of hound dog which was not appreciated by anyone present. They promised to get their act together before the doors open next week at ten on Saturday.

Eight new arrivals during the week helped fill the emptiness within our kennel. CRT’s Kerrigan and Kay, two beautiful young litter sisters arrived as previously mentioned. CRT Lady who must be a cousin, she was born the day after the sisters. Lady is a beautiful little red fawn, also not going to be two until March 7th. CRT Britney, just two and a half, a red brindle that will, with Kaylen’s departure, be one of the smallest dogs in the kennel. Atakapa rounds out the new female arrivals. She’s a solid three year old girl, dark brindle, just returned from a home, but for what reason I know not, but you can find out from Michelle or Jerry, or even me when I get the story. Atakapa is the only return for the week, which is a good thing. Fred, Flash, and Puppy are the new guys on the block. Cals Texing Fred is a black four year old male, WW’s Flash Bulb must not have gone off at the track because he’s here now. Flash is a good looking two year old brindle. And, last but not least, KB’s Powerpup has given up the pro racing circuit and is looking for his forever home. He’s a two year old black guy, small in stature but big in heart. We’ll have more coming in during the week, but this is up to date as of Monday afternoon.

They’ve learned to keep me busy with the potential adopters so that I can’t get as much dirt on the regulars, which is good, that keeps me outta trouble for the most part. People that visit are amazed to see the play yard outside filled with dogs and people. Our ‘alumni’ often come in to visit during the weekend, from as far north as Boca and south to Homestead/Florida City. The weather has been beautiful and dogs and humans like to sit outside and share stories about their unique pets and people. Even more amazing when the weather isn’t perfect and a visitor steps into the office and sees a dozen or more dogs in various levels or relaxation, mostly sleeping, occasionally led by our President of FOG, Mr. Jerry, who was caught in the camera’s eye and posted on our facebook site, doing what greyhounds do best, only most of them have their mouths closed. Last Saturday was also brightened by a visit from a troop of Girl Scouts who decorated the office and the kennel with individual valentines for each of our four legged residents. We enjoyed the visit, the dogs enjoyed the girls, and hopefully we made some potential future greyhound owners. The girls did a beautiful job. Best wishes to Daryl, who didn’t make it to the kennel this past weekend, a little under the weather, and Bear, who is recovering from a slight sprain and hopes to be back in action next weekend. He sends his best to all the girls, especially Bashful. He had to stay inside the office Sunday so he wouldn’t go running amok and reinjure himself. He still looked stud with his custom belly band, speaking of which, many people ask about what they are. Belly bands are custom made, a cross between diapers and Depends in that the greyhounds don’t want to be associated with diapers, since they’re not babies, and they’re not so old they need Depends. The real story (I always get there eventually) is that males (only) sometimes mark their territory, especially in places where there are a lot of other smells, like our office, any indoor space, etc., and the belly bands make them uncomfortable in doing this. It’s also used to help in housebreaking so that they’ll know when the band is off, it’s ok to go. They are custom made by one of our multi-talented greyhound people, I think you can even get them in team colors and things like that. We have them for sale at the office, and they also come as standard equipment when you adopt one of our males, something like power windows in a new car. So, now you know about apps and belly bands, no telling what you’ll learn next week. And as another perk of reading this, not only do you know the comings and goings of the weekend, but also, this just in. Two new dogs coming in today, will be available for the weekend. Kiki Bee, a two year old black female, and Rockdown Rex. He is just barely two and a fabulous looking red fawn. Chris has just stated ‘one week, maybe two’ for Rex, which in layman’s terms for those of you who don’t know the real kennel jive like I do, Rex is an exceptionally good looking red dog, well behaved, and likes people, a clinger or Velcro (we’ll get to clingers, velcros, and laptops at a later date, don’t want to overwhelm you in one sitting) in the making. So, you now have the inside information on what will be a hot item next weekend, his name is Rex. Chris knows his stuff; he was spot on with Toby and Duke. Never heard of them? Of course not, they were gone practically before they got here. So if you’re in need of a beautiful red stud looking young greyhound guy, you might want to put us on your calendar of events for next weekend. Till next week, as Michelle would say, only in my words, Love Peaches, and Greyhounds.