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John’s Happy Tails Report
2/18/13 More Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Just To The Left Of The Water Bucket.

The third weekend in February, 2013, has just concluded on a somewhat frozen note. The weekend was cold, but the dogs were hot, President Jerry made sure of that. Demonstrating that he was probably never a boy scout, his interaction with the Bunson burner almost ended in disaster, but he overcame a flaming start to preserve the building and his dignity and successfully cook only the hot dogs and not the rest of us. As always, the good news comes first and we leave the bad for the second page. Yes, I’m aware that there’s never a second page.

TMC's Lookahere

TMC’s Lookahere

First news, our girl CRT Kay has been delivered and is off to a good start in her new forever home. The mutual love and bonding has begun. We hope to get updated on her and thanks for the thanks, but the real thanks goes to Andriette and her family for taking this girl into their homes and hearts. All the best to and your family, from all of us here. And don’t ever hesitate to ask anything, we’re always there for the greys and you. Redmoon Nurse went to her new home this afternoon, she’s our ten year old, sexy senior and we wish her and her new family the best also. Raging Donald is finally going to be delivered on Monday, so go, Donald, go, shake that half tail! Hot dogs getting some long looks are Kiki Bee and TMC’s Lookahere, who is Rosie in our language. Hallo Sinsoney again this weekend is a finalist and it looks like it’s him or Rockdown Rex in a battle for a nice family and a new home. Soney’s in the finals for the third time, and it looks like this time will be the charm, Backwood Kaylen is in the final stages of adoption and scheduled for actual delivery on Thursday, so we’ll hold our tongues and cross our paws for her too. They’re laughing at me because I can’t keep the dog board in the office current. The good news, I’d rather have that than only have to change it once a month, so it’s a good problem to have.

Oshkosh Eli

Oshkosh Eli

Only one setback this week, and it will be only temporary. Oshkosh Eli was returned yesterday afternoon. He’s 7 years old, large, but in good shape, and hasn’t appeared to miss any meals. He was apparently the odd dog out in a three or four dog roulette situation, given from his home to a new home where the resident Huskie didn’t get along with him, so he had to leave. He’s large, friendly and apparently well trained. He’s already demonstrated sitting, shaking, and lying down on command, so he’s probably an excellent house dog, for those of you who might be interested in a large (79 pounds listed as racing weight) male, housebroken, with excellent manners and great disposition, without the baggage of breaking in a dog to a new routine.

New arrivals? Hold on to your belly band, we have a bunch. Kiki Bee just rolled in and has been getting a lot of looks, despite a crooked tail tip. With a name like Littledebbiecake, just have to include her in the new arrivals twice. MV’s Ragatta whom we call Rizzo, doesn’t look like Stockard Channing, but is a real sweetheart nevertheless. KB’s Jett Lagg is a little black beauty. Backwood Rosetta, CRT Dainty, and CRT Eagle are three more girls that have just arrived. In the boy’s locker room we have Rockdown Rex, who may or may not be here next weekend, he’s a finalist with Hallo Sinsoney for a nice family’s affection. Welcome NFL Post and Fuzz Face Dallas, a couple of two year old newbies. HL’s Gauge and KB’s Propeller arrived during the week. For you spicy people, TNJ Tabasco is ready for his new life as a retired racer and CRT Dare Devil and CRT Frank just came in yesterday morning and have been added to our roster. Latest arrival is the previously mentioned returnee, Oskosh Eli. This group lifts our total kennel population to over forty again, and we’re hoping to get new dogs in this week. There’s never a dull moment around here.

Here’s wishing Michelle and Jerry a safe trip. They’re taking a couple days off and heading for central Florida to rest and relax. Where else but with something to do with dogs – the Global Pet Expo show for pet products in Orlando. We hope they come back with lots of samples for the dogs! It was too cold outside for anyone to get in trouble out in the play yard, so all’s quiet out there. Jerry and the Bunson burner highlighted the indoor news, and we had a bunch of activity with visitations. Photo operation was a failure, high winds and visitor activity limited the photo shoot attempt, next week is another week. Have a great week, and remember, the best way to find out about the greys is to come down and see them for yourself in person. We’re family friendly, offer hands on experience, and you might be surprised how good you look on the other end of the leash of one of these exotic animals. You can truly experience ‘Poetry in Motion’ as Johnny Tillotson used to sing about when I was a puppy.