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John’s Happy Tails Report
2/11/13 More Mostly Happy Tails From Inside And Around The Kennel And Even The Water Dish.

An eventful week was had by most, if not all, of the kennel personnel including the dogs. I have sketchy details due to the fact that I was in and out of the kennel during the weekend, but first of all thanks to all the amazing volunteers for all their help and time donated to the greys, not only for the past weekend, but for all that you do.

We had a special invasion of the local Coast Guard from the Miami Beach Station. Sixteen of these fantastick (and young, strong!) men and women worked all morning for us – for the dogs.  They did a bunch of odd jobs but the big, biggee was to level out the two huge sand yards the dogs run on.  They brought shovels and rakes and busted their Coast Guard butts.   Our thank you was just hot dogs for lunch but I think the thanks they preferred was watching the dogs run out into the newly leveled ground to play!  The work they did for us was greatly appreciated by humans and dogs and I do hope that they fed you well too.

CRT Kay Admiring John's New Greyhound Shirt

CRT Kay Admiring John’s New Greyhound Shirt

The van also reappeared and the last I heard it was working ok. We do need a new van. Cat testing was updated and fifteen of the eighteen dogs tested passed, so those of you with felines in your lives and are interested in adding a greyhound to your household, come on out, we have a temporary glut of cat tolerant dogs available. Beautiful new greyhound face t-shirts are also now in stock, you might want to check them out too. They said I looked good in mine, so they must really be awesome, it takes something special to make me look good.

CRT Kay Meeting Her New "Btother"

CRT Kay Meeting Her New “Brother”

Moving on to the best part of the blog, we have seven dogs moving up north to our friends in Gold Coast Adoptions. Slaytex Exerciser, CRT Eddie and WP Ebony Night will get to live in foster homes.  RCK Hercules, WW’s Flashbulb, CV’s Carina, and TMC’s Dayzha Voo are scheduled to go to their new prison training program, the Greyhound Advancement Center during the week. There are also apps on MV’s Flyinsaucer and Ringmaster. Raging Donald will go to his home, finally, thanks to the return of the white ghost, aka the van. Red Moon Nurse and San Tan Promo are also on holds. These are all scheduled and not etched in stone, my information is usually, but not always totally accurate. Cals Texing Fred and Turbo Geraldo are, for a fact, at the Humane Society of Miami as of today.  I can verify this as I was the one making the delivery.  HS of Miami runs a beautiful No-Kill shelter and maintains a greyhound program in cooperation with us to let people know more about the greys.  All in all, not a bad haul for the second week in February. CRT Kay I believe has an app on her too, I will make that as ‘I believe’ because although I was there, I can’t remember with all the other stuff that went on the rest of the day. Tip for the week, ‘don’t get old’, and if you do, remember,,, write things down!!!

Backwood Kaylen

Backwood Kaylen

We also added four newbies to our kennel during the week. For those of you looking for a sweet, petite girl, FYI, Kaylen is still available. She’s still our smallest dog, at 52 pounds.  For the second time, her adoption fell through, so contrary to previous reports, she’s still available. Arriving last Saturday we have NFL Post, a 74 pound brindle boy, two years old, and MV’s Ragatta, a solid little white and red girl, born on tax day, April 15th, 2010 for those of you looking for a tax break. Earlier in the week we greeted a little black girl, born on 1/11/11, with the name Kiki Bee. For those of you with a sweet tooth, we have LittleDebbieCake, a beautiful red brindle girl. I’d come down to see her just for the name alone. That rounds out our new arrivals, and no doubt more will be coming in during the week. No returns this past week, which is always a pleasure to report.

Not much dirt on the playground report, too busy to snoop around and spy on anyone. Lots of dogs got lots of looks, hopefully that leads to a future adoption, and I heard that some Coast Guard volunteers were just a little impressed with the greys, so that could bode well for the future. If you’re not doing anything special on the weekend, come on down and see what we’re all excited and passionate about in person. Greyhounds are really something special. All dogs deserve a good and loving home, and most make great pets, but there’s just something about the greys that is easier to see and experience than to try to describe with words.  Looking is free and we are open virtually every weekend.  It’s a great experience for your bigger children and adults alike, so come on out and check us out. We are rated (by me) as 5 dew claws up.