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John’s Happy Tails Report
1/7/13 – More Real And Mostly Happy Tails From Inside The Kennel, And Sometimes Inside The Turnout Run

This is one of the rare occasions when a no adoption weekend was not a cause for disappointment. The reason being that we will be shipping 17 dogs up north next Friday. Almost a third of the current kennel residents are getting a new life in New Jersey, Connecticut, and other areas up in the northeast that are currently in need of dogs. I don’t know when or if it will happen again, but it’s a great opportunity for almost a dozen and a half of our greys. I have heard that the group or groups involved in this, place about 60 dogs a month in new homes, that’s about two a day, compared to our kennel, we would be happy to place two a week, so it’s a great opportunity to make a win/win/win situation for everyone involved, most importantly, our beautiful retired racers, who really deserve it.

Say goodbye to LW’s Franny, aka Franny, Santa’s Little Helper, aka Donna, BD’s Goldilocks, aka Fancy, Hallo Chief Joy, aka Joy, Hallo Nicely, aka Abby, Hallo Sky Classy, aka Classy, Jax Candlestick, aka Jax, RCK Stormie, aka Stormie, Tam Dolly Outlaw, aka Dolly, Astar Blazin Glory, aka Blaze, Beemin, aka Beemin, CD’s Gary, aka Gary, Braska Pitch, aka Pitch, Ww Von Kay Toast, aka Toast, WW Bart’s Best, aka Bart, Starz Artic Sun, aka Sun, and Lonesome Derrick, aka Derrick. It’s sad to see them leave, but it’s also a good feeling to know they’re going to be fostered and they will possibly find a forever home a little bit quicker than with us, so I leave them with tears of joy and not sorrow.

On the kennel front, it was a very quiet weekend, Racin Ruby, aka Ruby is gone, Yahoo Zinger, aka Zinger, is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow morning whether or not Notre Dame wins the national championship, San Tan Promo, aka Promo has an application on him and is waiting in the wings with his bags half packed, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Backwood Kaylen

Backwood Kaylen

We had five new guests check in during the week, avoiding the rush that will be coming in the next few weeks. Backwood Slader, aka Slader has arrived, he’s Backwood Kaylen’s big brother. He’s a 74 lb. Red Fawn, his sister, Backwood Kaylen, is currently our smallest girl, tipping the scales very gently at 53 lbs. Slader won’t be two years old until February. Backwood Pansy, aka Pansy, 2 years old, and she might be one of those ‘love at first sight dogs’, gorgeous fawn with deep dark eyes. Roc a By Inky, aka Inky, three years old, a sweet little black girl just finished up a real good racing career, which included stakes races. WW’s Thelma, aka Thelma Lou, a solid little black girl is in, now we’re hoping to get Barney Fife. Turbo Geraldo, a big, strong two year old brindle has checked in, only two years old, but his racing records show he runs like I do, which may be why he’s with us now. Stand by; there will be lots more to choose from in the near future.

So despite not much kennel action with visitations, it was still a hectic weekend. All of the traveling group was busy getting baths and groomed for the trip. Manicures and Pedicures were also done, everyone wants to look their best and make that valuable first impression as best they can. It was discovered that CD’s Gary is a drama queen. He was the only one to make a fuss during the pedicures and almost got the whole kennel in an uproar with his whining and crying. He’ll get over it. Much thanks to the very talented Mike Griesemer for donating his time, talent, and good natured smile with us as he clipped and trimmed not only the dogs that are hitting the road, but also any and all of the others that needed it. Mike runs his own traveling show, a mobile pet grooming business and is very experienced with our greys for any grooming needs you might have. I wanted to introduce him to my herd, but he does mostly Broward and up north, so for your pet’s grooming need, check him out, he can do the deed. And he’ll bring his services to you to boot. (

From the playground sand area diggings, we have Darryl coming off the IR list and possibly ready to return to action next weekend. He and Trent were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct a couple weeks ago in the Duck game, and Darryl ended up being grounded. It’s also probably a good idea to give Mike, Bear, and Oliver a little room in the near future. They’re all Redskins fans and yesterday didn’t work out too good for them. The last visitors of the day were the new family of ICU Clayborne, aka Clay. They stopped and gave us a report of his progress so far. To say they are pleased so far would be a large understatement, so he’s off on the right foot with them. As is the story with many new owners, they are so pleased that a second grey in the family is already in their minds, and, as we all need to do, they’re spreading the word about these wonderful animals and what great pets they make. What a way to end the day, couldn’t have been better unless I took one home myself. Late on Monday I also spoke to ICU Clayborne, aka Clay’s new people and it’s the same story, they are more than pleased with him so far. Yes, knock on wood, I just tapped myself in the head, don’t want to jinx them, but these are my kind of stories and I love to share them.