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John’s Happy Tails Report
1/28/13 More Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Sometimes Even Under The Water Bucket.

The last weekend of the New Year came and went and there was no rest for the wicked or kind hearted for that matter. Saturday started off with a flurry of people, some of which I missed unfortunately, so we’ll see if I can get the dogs and stories straight the first time. The Renaissance Festival looms on the horizon and personally I hope we get to do it because I have a lot of fun there meeting and talking to people about our fabulous greys and any dogs for that matter. I wanted to go out and get baseball uniforms for the dogs, we look like the Miami Marlins now, we’ve had such a huge turnover in the past month, you can’t tell all our players without a program. This is bittersweet, some of my good friends are gone, but the good news is they will have it better than they have it here, and it makes room for some more of these beautiful dogs to get a chance to experience being a real pet in a real home. The good easily outweighs the sad.

Ring Master

Ring Master

First, we go to the ready and waiting list, the dogs with bags packed and one, two, or three feet out the door. San Tan Pro Mo, still apped and waiting. WW’s Dragstrip and Real Dude are also waiting for final clearance to be officially gone. Officially gone meaning when Michelle or Jerry tells me they are officially delivered. I really wish that someone named Dell had adopted Dude, but it didn’t happen that way. Would have loved to be able to say ‘’Hey Dell, you’re getting a Dude’’. Maybe next time. Aspen Holley is officially apped. She is Frisco’s sister and Frisco’s owner has been waiting patiently for her to finish her career so she can come live with him and her brother. She is a gorgeous three quarter scale clone of Frisco, who is a beautiful light brindle boy. She even has the same personality as Frisco. You couldn’t have scripted a better and sweeter ending to a greyhound racing career than this. As fate would have it, Red Moon Nurse was requested from one of our kennel friends on the west coast. At the very end of the day, she was adopted by a couple who have had their eye on her for a while. I guess when they found out she might leave, that made the final decision easy and she now has an app. on her. Yes, app or appted are not words, they stand for applications or applications pending. Finally, last but certainly not least, we have the Donald story. He’s been second at our kennel more times than in his racing career. He may have finally won. He met with Oliver and his family last weekend and has a fair chance of joining his family. He at least beat all the other greyhound competition, so if they decide to take a grey, it will probably be him. Oliver is a Corgi, a long, short legged cattle dog, and they seemed to hit it off pretty good. So far this year I’ve met my first ever Newfoundland and Corgi, sure beats seeing those same old sour faces every day at the former daytime job. So we’re looking at seven dogs in or on the doorstep of a new home with a loving family, we’ll keep our fingers and paws crossed and wish them the best. What a great month, and start to 2013, hopefully it keeps going like this. We’re having trouble keeping up, but loving every minute of it.

CD’s David

CD’s David

Our only return was Jane, I believe her name is Rido’s Jane. I don’t know the full story on her, but I believe she’s originally from central Florida around Melbourne. I was told that the reason for the return had nothing to do with her or her behavior, so that’s good news. I’ve learned that many people desire a return. She’s been in a home, most likely housebroken and experienced with real home life, so the transition will probably be an easy one, she knows the ropes already, so those of you who are looking for a dog that’s already ‘broken in’ as they say in previously owned cars, I guess ‘used’ is no longer politically correct, you might want to check this little Black girl out.

Six other new arrivals this week include Turbo Irene, Braska Danica, and WP Ebony Night, who are black girls, two, three, and four years old, to go with Jane. Nimbly Cokolat is a beautiful three year old fawn girl. Ring Master and CD’s David, both red males, four and five year olds, David just finished an excellent racing career, one of the best dogs she ever had according to his trainer.

In case you don’t think things are moving here in the kennel, just in the time it takes to write this up, I found out that Rido’s Jane, Fireinthesky, and E’s Sweet Fanny are scheduled to be taken to the west coast this week, and we just got two new dogs in, two girls, CRT Lady a two year old red girl, and CRT Kerrigan, a two year old White and Black girl, and a boy named Sue, no, just kidding, his real name is Cal’s Texting Fred, a four year old black male should arrive tomorrow. There, you are basically up to the minute on our kennel happenings as far as I know them. Much of this is completely unofficial, but it will give you an idea of the comings and goings on of our little kennel.

Tasha's New Coat (Dakota, age 13 & Tasha 12)

Tasha’s New Coat (Dakota, age 13 & Tasha, 12)

Playground news has been few and far between. The regulars won’t squeal on each other and they’re keeping me busy with visitors so I’m having trouble digging up any dirt on them, which is a good thing, at least I won’t get punched or bitten. I do know that Darryl is officially off the Injured Reserve list and is doing pretty good. Bear has replaced him, he showed up with a limp yesterday, hopefully it’s just a mild strain and nothing serious, but he was kept indoors and on the bench all day, much to his chagrin, and you could see the disappointment on his face. Let us depart with one last tidbit of information learned. The belly band is not perfect, thanks to Sony for bringing that to our attention last weekend. Live and learn. As Michelle would say. Peace and Greyhounds. I might modify it a bit to be Peach and Greyhounds, but that’s where my mind usually is and I can’t help it.