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John’s Happy Tails Report
12/30/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And This Time Direct From Barf City.

Pass Word

Pass Word

Still can’t believe we have been writing this for over a year, this week’s blog comes to you from the home of my three sick dogs and to add an exclamation point to that statement, one of them just gassed me mercilessly. We’re wishing everyone a Happy New Year in 2014 from all of our staff, volunteers, and the dogs, and especially a very healthy year, as I’ve found out that the health issue becomes more and more important as the years pass. We almost hit a record three hundred dogs adopted for 2013, which would be a record. I don’t have the official count and I’m sure Michelle will post it as soon as she gets it tallied up. I believe it will be a record year and it was a spectacular year by all accounts. The Sunburst program helped out a lot too, giving us a chance to find homes for our beautiful greys as far north as Canada and across the North and Northeast. My first New Year’s resolution will be to catch up on the profiles, as the photos are in good shape; the blog is done, so we know which project to get busy on. We currently have an almost full kennel with about 54 dogs by my count, which is unofficial, but it’s pretty close. We have a two to one ratio of boys to girls but still have almost twenty girls to choose from. We have dogs from a few months under two years old to a senior who is eleven, and from 57 pounds up to 90. Black dogs, white dogs, fawn, red, brindle and just about everything in between. We have two Iceman brothers if you’re looking for a brother act and if you’re Donnie and Marie oriented, we have Acehigh Casino and Acehigh Jessie looking for a home, but neither sing.

Two dogs were adopted this past weekend, O Ya Shotgun Red and Latin Angel. Being old, senile, and not there Saturday, I may have missed one, seems like there were three, but I do know these two are on their way, if not out the door already. Shotgun is just off the track after a very good racing career and the same with Latin Angel, who is a little doll. She was in and out so fast she hardly got her bags unpacked. Adoptions seem to be a lot like the NFL officiating, especially if you are a Steeler’s fan, hit some, and miss some. One dog comes in and is off to a new home immediately and another dog may be the bridesmaid for a while before they get their keeper humans, you just never know. There were no returns that I know of last week.

We got a little report from Connecticut, I didn’t get the photos but the email was as follows.

Hi Michelle,

Happy New Year! We are writing to share with you the wonderful news that we have adopted one of your beautiful Greyhounds. She came to us through Connecticut Greyhound Adoption and her racing name was “payable mouse” but we have named her Brindy. We feel so blessed to have her join our family. Brindy is so gentle and sweet and our two daughter’s Gina and Emily love to take Brindy out for walks around the neighborhood. Brindy is enjoying her retirement and seems to be very happy with us. She has brought us all so much joy, and we look forward to many years of love and happy memories with her.

Best wishes,

JC's Arlene

JC’s Arlene

More stories of love and happiness, which is a good business to be in, even if it’s nonprofit, and we wish them many years of love and health. These stories are generally the rule and not the exception, and I love hearing and reading each one, it makes me feel good to be a human being, as all of us unfortunately aren’t able to spread good will, unconditional love, and happiness around as much as we should or could.

Turbo Momentum

Turbo Momentum

I think we just got some more new pictures in, so I will mention JC’s Arlene, Turbo Momentum, and Pass Word as new arrivals in case the webmaster might want to share their pictures here. We also gained about a dozen new greys over the past week, it looks like five girls and seven boys joined us. I will leave the details on them until next year since I didn’t get their pictures last weekend. Ok, we wished everyone a Happy and Healthy (and safe) New Year, we got some adoptions over the weekend, so this year finished on a happy note, and we got some names for the webmaster to put pictures with. I like the term webmaster, sounds like some kind of highly intelligent spider, but if you’ve seen the picture of TMC’S Rowdy Boy sitting in his lap, you might think otherwise. Thank each of you for all that you’ve done to make FOG the success that it has become, may we learn from our mistakes and never put the dogs anywhere else but first, they all deserve a chance to bring their love and affection into someone’s life, so help spread the word about these wonderful animals.


It is one of those nights again where HOUND SAFETY is extremely important. Please check all of your gates and leash walk your “firework/loud noise” phobic hounds even in a fenced in yard. A frightened hound can jump to new heights when scared. Pull out the thunder coats and leave closet door and crates open if it makes them feel better to go there. Feed your pups early and be mindful of their emotional needs on this New Years eve. HOUND SAFETY FIRST!! Lets set the goal of “NO GREYHOUND AMBER ALERTS” as we celebrate the New Year SAFELY!

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  1. Jacki says:

    I am thrilled to hear of Mouse’s “Payable” successful adoption. She is one we seriously considered adopting when Winnie “Kwik Trip Drive” selected us. Best wishes to Brindy and the humans she adopted!