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John’s Happy Tails Report
12/16/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Another Party For Next Weekend… Allright!

Happy Trails to you, Roy Rodger’s version, Happy Tails to you, FOG version. My Christmas cards are completed possibly this is the earliest ever. Cost of almost a hundred stamps, whatever. Cost of cards and envelopes, whatever. Feeling gained when wishing people you may only communicate once a year, a sincere Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year, magnificent. Feeling gained when you mail a hundred cards, knowing you are supporting not only the Post Office, but your own pension, warm and fuzzy. Feeling of appreciation and gratitude knowing that although you may not get the 96 inch tv or the G-40000 mephone, you are still better off than 98.6% of the rest of the world, fuzzy and warm. Knowing that you’ve angered at least one person by making them say ‘Darn the Grata’s, now we’ve got to send them one back’… priceless. Unlike the Maytag repairman, this past weekend more resembled Times Square on New Year’s Eve. I’ve also reached the age where I realize that a Healthy New Year is a heck of a lot more important than a Happy one.

MV's Caden

MV’s Caden

Enough of the me, myself and Iphone, onward to our most important and favorite item, our beautiful greys. We almost had four adoptions this weekend, but will have to wait to see if they all pan out. MV’s Caden went home for a home trial but was returned this afternoon. I don’t know what happened but apparently he and his to be adopted brother Rockdown Rex, did not get along as well as they did when they met here. He was sitting in the kennel having a (root) beer when I came in, so he’s back. Caden is the kennel talker, so I am positive he will be getting another shot sooner than later. It would have been neat just for Christmas, but it was not meant to be. Hopefully we got some feedback to share with his next potential. Flying Herradura also got an application. She has a leg injury I believe, she came in and went looked at so fast, I haven’t even met or photographed her yet. Chicks Love Me has already been delivered according to my sources in the dining room. Word also coming down the hallway is that BS Bob has a chance to go to a family who has an IG, which in kennelspeak is Italian Greyhound after he has cleared his medical problems. The IG’s name is Vinny and he’s still not my cousin, but he is a very active little guy, so I’ll be hoping he gets to go with Bobby.



We had a return this week, just in time for Christmas, her name is Boyzpoochiemomma, and she’s a beautiful six year old who has lost her home. She is injured but I don’t have her complete story yet, hope to update it, but anyway, it looks like she’ll be available for adoption when she clears her medical problems, but she’ll be fostered until she gets better.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Two new additions last week and I think they are both injury related retirements. JC’s Arlene is a sweet little brindle girl, three years old, and ready for her forever home. Turbo Momentum also arrived, he’s a two year old brindle boy. That brings our unofficial count to 13 girls and 29 boys. Last but not least, we have a young guy, who will qualify as the largest dog in the kennel. He’s very young, his racing name is Ace High Casino, we call him Dude and he weighs in at ninety pounds. He will probably be a special needs dog as he suffers seizures and he’s currently at the Vets right now getting his check up and when I get more information on him I will pass it on. We have some recent additions that may not have been featured including Cyber Monday, if big and black is for you, he could be your dog. If you’re into cool, the Iceman brothers might interest you. We have two brothers, Brutus and Murray, known in the racing world as KL Great Iceman and KL Evil Iceman. That will give Jerry a few faces to work with.

Don’t forget we have a party coming up next weekend. President Jerry will be cooking dogs (no one we know), there will most likely be the standard potato salad and coleslaw, and from there it can get interesting. I’m working on homemade cookies or cake, I heard Jill is bringing homemade cake and there will be plenty of surprises as it’s pot luck and it’s always pretty darn good. Lynn the Collar Lady will be there for sure on Saturday, I probably should have mentioned her before the food, but looking at me you can see where my priorities are. So come on out to the kennel if you can, should be plenty of food, we have over forty fabulous dogs to choose from, the weather should be excellent, and the dogs love company.

Holiday/Birthday/Retirement Party

Saturday, December 21 (leftovers on Sunday!)
Pot Luck – bring a dish if you want.
Come and celebrate Christmas, Michelle’s Birthday and Jerry’s Retirement.
Lynn the Collar Lady is coming on Saturday, too.