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John’s Happy Tails Report
1/21/13 More Mostly Happy Tales From In And Around The Kennel And Sometimes Even Inside The Water Bucket.

Hallo Sinsoney

Hallo Sinsoney

The third weekend of January produced one of the busiest in quite a while. It included a guest appearance of three of our ‘people’, Dream World, Mohican Mink Mae, and the irrepressible Hallo Sinsoney, at the grand opening of Fusion Fitness and O2 Yoga Studio up in Coral Springs. I believe Wanda and Mae were adopted and Sony got a near miss out of that venture. Our kennel weekend started slow but turned into the proverbial Chinese Fire Drill after noon on Saturday. In the process I met two dogs named Gracie who came with their people on Sunday to select a new greyhound brother or sister. Many dogs got looks and a few got brand new real homes.

Most important and the most fun, is reporting on the dogs that went out. Lots of looks on Saturday resulted in one couple bringing in their two dogs, a Greyhound named Sammy and a rugrat named Patch. Sammy seemed to fall in love with Honeybun, so she ended up going home with them. Another couple returned with their dog, Gracie, a beautiful Pointer/Greyhound mix, and they chose Backwood Slader, so congratulations to him on his new forever home. Our second Gracie visit was a Beagle/Whippet mix. Her people had brought, I think, his mother in the weekend or two before to look at greyhounds. As it turned out, she wasn’t interested in our greys, she prefers a smaller breed, but he happened to fall in love with them, so he brought Gracie to help choose one. Gracie basically chose Jerry’s dog Chumley, and he wouldn’t let Chumley go, so they had to move on. They are planning on continuing the search next weekend. Gracie had a ball playing with Chumley, who is our version of a bull in a China shop. Another couple came in ‘just to look’ as they were planning to get a grey after they get married in May. She said that yesterday was her birthday and kennel manager Chris casually mentioned that a greyhound would be a fantastic birthday gift. They adopted Real Dude yesterday.  Not a bad suggestion. On the ‘almost out the door’ hold and applications list is Backwood Kaylen, our smallest girl, and WW’s Dragstrip, pending a cat test I believe. She was almost gone before she got here, it happens like that sometimes. San Tan ProMo is also pending.  Backwood Pansy and Flying Star Trek are out the door officially.

Four new arrivals this past week, three of them just in from the racing kennels.  Slatex Exerciser, a three year old brindle, listed as 83 pounds, would be the largest dog in the kennel if he is that weight. Layne Jones is a two year old, black boy, and CV’s Carina, a three year old I spotted immediately. She’s fawn with those beautiful dark brown eyes and I think I’m in love already, even though we haven’t been formally introduced. What was that old song,  ‘Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name, hello, I love you, let me jump in your game.’ By the Doors I think. Anyway, I think I love her already and I don’t even know her.


Star (Fireinthesky)

The fourth new arrival is coming in any minute. Her racing name is Fireinthesky and she is called Star. She’s eleven years old and probably heartbroken. She was adopted in 2005. Her owner’s child has to have a heart transplant and no animals of any kind will be allowed in the house. At eleven years old, this is tough, but there are people out there who look for these kinds of animals too. Maybe you are one of them. I just got this story within the hour and decided to post it here in case anyone knows anyone who might be interested in her. You can contact Michelle or Jerry for all the updated information, but I’m sure this girl is housebroken and would be no trouble in any house for as much time as she has left.  So don’t be shy.  We don’t want to keep this girl waiting. Email Michelle ( or call the kennel or her cell. As I said, these are mostly happy stories, and this doesn’t start out as one, but if the heart operation is successful and Star (Fireinthesky) gets a loving home, it can surely turn out to be one of the best tails tales of the year, and it might be you that makes it happen.

Not much news from the playground this week. We had fun watching Darryl bury his dog biscuits only to have Chumley come behind him and dig them up when he had walked away. We laughed, kind of reminded me of sitting in the park and watching the squirrels playing hide and seek with each other’s nuts. A little bit of action in the office yesterday, lots of dogs doing dog testing and cat testing. Chumley found a new playmate and it was hysterical watching him try to play with Gracie, the little Beagle that came to find a live in friend. Gracie could run under the Chum and actually chased him into a crate a couple times. Chumley is a real treasure, he’s learned to sit up, roll over, shake, and maybe a couple other things I don’t know about, but he’s not the most graceful swan in the pond, as he fell all over himself playing with the Beagle. Ah, where were the video cameras? Good material for the funniest home video show. Chumley has a girlfriend.  So, it’s been a busy start to the New Year as we already head into the last weekend of the first month. I must be having fun, because time is sure flyin’. The new dogs are arriving, stand by for updated photos and profiles. It’s kind of a good thing when we’re behind, that means the greys are going out, and when some go out, others will get their chance at being one of the best pets in the doggie world.