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John’s Happy Tails Report
11/4/13 Mostly Happy Tales From Inside And Around The Kennel And Most Times With A Little Help From Our Friends.

I will have to depend on reports from the kennel for last weekend’s activity, since I was in the middle of the state sharing the agony of defeat with fellow Hurricane fans. It was a great weekend except for about a half hour (in football time, real time seemed like an eternity) Saturday evening, but the better team won and I don’t get insecticidal or suicidal when FSU beats Miami.

Flying Nomadic

Flying Nomadic

During the week, a baker’s dozen of our beautiful greys made the trip up north on the EC-7 run, going to foster homes in preparation for their forever home futures. Payable, Rio Lady BGood, Slatex Bugles, Hel’s Shooter, RCK Fly Girl, Atascoctia Gar, KB’s Gooseneck, Kiss The Fish, Cole Of Ruckus, Hookem Hambone, James Garner, Richard Kimble, and CRT Frank will not be here to welcome you anymore, but we have others. I don’t usually list a bunch of names, but what I lack in first hand knowledge and information I can make up for with names this week. I believe Atascocita Marisa was delivered to her new owner, Marisa, yesterday and hope to hear a report on her. Two dogs were adopted or applied for and will be delivered, this week I hope. Arizonaboarder got an app. over the weekend, she’s a little black beauty, four years old and had an excellent racing career. Where’s Lady Love also got her application. I hope to have more info on her; she’s a little white and brindle girl, just turned two years old last month and did not race in professional competition. I have information that she will be going to live and share her house with a rabbit. I am going to find out more about this special event. It’s not the first time it has happened, won’t be the last I’m sure, but it’s unique. Kind of like Rikki Tikki Tavi and the cobra sharing an apartment together, or Bill Belichick moving in with Don Shula. Fifteen greyhounds left, so once again it has been proven that they can indeed get along without me.

We had a visit this past weekend from JC’s Kitty Tale, we knew him as Taylor Senior, one of my very favorite dogs from way back in my beginning days at the kennel. I missed him, but he is supposed to be coming back again around Thanksgiving, so I’m looking forward to that. At the time, he and Slamin’ Lucina were two of my favorites and I billed them as the perfect couple, much like Luke and Laura from the old soap opera ‘General Hospital’ only it was ‘General Kennel’ and they were meant to be together. Lucina was adopted by Taylor’s owners and went to live with him forever. They were spayed and neutered, so there were no additions to the story in that sense, but it couldn’t have been scripted better and I hope to get to see both of them in the coming weeks. In case you haven’t guessed, we all love to see our former alumni and hear stories about them. This is all about the hounds, a true labor of love for all of us, and even though my salary has been doubled on every other month and tripled on the odd months in between, I would do this for free anytime. There’s nothing better than seeing one of these beautiful animals get a loving forever home. The previous weekend Bob was here with his brother/sister combo, Frisco and his sister Holly. I still owe him a lunch, just stating it publicly in case I forget, we have it in writing. These two are the greyhound world’s answer to Donny and Marie Osmond, except for the singing part, which we give the edge to Donny and Marie. Don’t ever be afraid to drop in and say hello, or drop a line and let us know how you and your grey are doing. They can’t all be perfect and happy stories, since this is real life, but I can put out the ones I like in here, I am a happy tales person you know.

I believe there were two returns last week, Hallo My Wesley and Atascocita Drone, but I don’t have the complete information on them yet. I’m still smiling that Regal Bad Storm got adopted. He was our senior senior, twelve years old, with one eye. He went home with Fuzzy’s Leroy, a young stud and I hope he gets to spend the remainder of his days in comfort, companionship, and with dignity in a real home with all the love he can handle.

We now come to Jerry B’s favorite part and I can mention the new arrivals so he can post some pictures of new arrivals. I will have to cheat a little bit here since I wasn’t here and didn’t get the new arrivals scheduled for their photo shoot. It’s sometimes a little hectic because I am out of town, or some of them have soccer practice or appointments for the pedicures etc., so we can’t always get together. Therefore, I will mention some of the new and newer arrivals that I think our talented webmaster Jerry B has on hand. Turbo Slammer, big, beautiful, white and black ticked, 3 years old, doesn’t do cats or backgammon. Astar Fain, no professional races, a youngster, black, bold, two years old. Flying Nomadic, also known as Andre, he made the highlight film by knocking me on my can a week ago. Fortunately for me, I destroyed his little cell phone and the world will never see that action. He’s big, white and black ticked, and very lovable when he’s not knocking old men down. (It really was more my fault than his, but he still walks like a drunken sailor on a leash sometimes.) You like little girls? Not that kind, I mean young female dogs. Check out Wild Tater Tot, she’s a nice young white and brindle girl, and she even likes cats. Ok there’s a few, I have to quit now. Thank God I wasn’t there last weekend and didn’t think I would be able to find anything to write about. One last note, thanks again to the law students from St. Thomas who came out and volunteered their services for the weekend. As with all our volunteers, it was greatly appreciated and we couldn’t do it without you.