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John’s Happy Tails Report
1/14/13 – More Real And Mostly Happy Tales From Inside The Kennel And Sometimes From The Heart Of The Matter.

The great seventeen dog shipment went off very well overall, all were delivered safe and for the most part sound, with maybe a ruffled dewclaw or two. This opened up space for newly retired guys and gals to get their shot at a beautiful retirement home. Thanks to all the workers and volunteers who helped prep the dogs to get them ready for their great northern adventure. This time of year is reportedly quiet, but I understand that we’ve moved out 22 dogs so far this year and still have half of January left, so we’re off to a good start. I personally count the 17 headed up north as moved because they will be doing foster homes. I just learned what ‘flunking fostering’ meant and it’s actually a good thing. That means that the people that were fostering a certain dog fell in love with it and adopted it into their home and family. If I were ever a foster parent, I would definitely be a flunkey. We also have a proposal from an Eagle Scout who flew in. He wants to do a project for his scouting that would clean, repair, and repaint our kennels. Being a non-profit organization, I am thinking this would be welcomed with open arms. What would really be a blessing would be a new van for the transporting of the greys. Since I had a Dodge Intrepid and served on the USS Intrepid, I consider myself somewhat adventurous, but even I’m now a little leery of taking the FOG van on long hauls. With over a couple hundred thousand miles on it, it also would appreciate being retired and replaced by a new (er) vehicle. Anyone reading this and having vehicle connections or even forty or fifty grand extra in their pockets, please contact Jerry or Michelle. This being a non-profit organization, they can always use,,, already been through that. And, the life you save may be mine, or more importantly, one of our beautiful retirees on their way to a well-deserved retired life.

Raging Donald

Raging Donald

From the headin’ out department, Yahoo Zinger was delivered to her new home, the Notre Dame people, despite the result of the National Championship game. Hopefully she will be able to fill the void and heal the hurt from that ill-fated game. Cry Yahtzee is moving to Washington state, which reminds me, if you have any problems with your greys, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can more often help than not. This includes any problems, not just medical or behavior. Yahtzee’s case was about transportation and it saved his owners almost a thousand dollars, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. After more than a dozen years of doing just Greyhounds, Michelle and Jerry have most likely been there, done that, with nearly any scenario you can experience. Flying Star Trek is out on home trial, good luck to him and his new people. Backwood Pansy, as predicted at this very site last week, already has an application on her, and my heart is broken, but it’s a happy break, her potential adopters have previous greyhound experience and she is a spittin’ image of one of his former dogs, so it’s quite possible that it was just meant to be that they decided to begin looking again, just at this time, and she would just happen to arrive at just this time. I really love stories like that and I was there to witness it myself so it’s not second hand information. Raging Donald is currently hot, he got several looks also.

E's Sweet Fanny

E’s Sweet Fanny

We’ll be restocking as they say, or maybe reloading would be a more current term in America today. We got three newbies in this week. AT Verdinesjamin just arrived, 4 years old, black, and very close to 80 pounds if you’re looking for a large black male. Or outside linebacker. He’s an excellent athlete and had an excellent racing career. JK’s Bob also just rambled in, at the other end of the scale,only 69 pounds, brindle, and 3 years old. Don’t ask for Bob, they called him Kinsley and so do we. Last, but not least, Astar Can’t Lose, is three years old, born on May Day and is a sharp looking white and red, like my old ’57 Ford convertible. A last minute return, E’s Fanny, was just returned Sunday morning. I only caught the tail end of the story, but I believe it was the current American theme, lost house, downsizing, having to move to smaller apartment, and in any case, not the fault of the dog. So, for those of you looking for a dog with house experience, you might want to check her out. She looks to be in good shape, good spirits and well cared for. Although they say most animals live for the moment, and I know she will get over it, nevertheless, it hurts my feelings being there at the end of the day when she realizes she isn’t going home with her people and has to stay with us. From my point of view, most of the returned dogs have a lot of advantages that the ‘just off the track’ dogs don’t have, having lived in a real home, and they would be at the top of my list of dogs to see, so give them some consideration too, the majority of them are returned through no fault of their own and are eager to please.

Not much to report from the playground and office last weekend. Since I squeal on everyone else, I suppose it is my duty to report that I probably looked silly if not stunned when I broke one of the outside plastic chairs I sat in. We determined two things Sunday afternoon, I’m not skinny and Hermes is not fat. We’ll just say the new outside furniture renovation project was overdue and I went ahead and started it. I think the chair originally was brought over on the Mayflower, but I don’t have proof of that. Another week gone by and more people are finding out what beautiful pets my greyhounds make. Yes, they are my greyhounds. I can’t take them all home with me, but I have their hearts and they have mine. Once again, thanks to all the volunteers, from Darryl and Lizzy the greyhounds, who counsel the other dogs, to the kids and adults who wash, wax, walk, and everything else in-between, and our senior citizens, like the sweet lady who comes on Sunday afternoon and reads to them from something called Ulysses. Have a great week, come see our dogs, it could be a life changing event for you and them.