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John’s Happy Tails Report
Real Stories From the Inside of the Fog Kennel, and Sometimes Even From the Inside of the Crates

Mid November and life is moving at a fast pace at the FOG kennels. I have just had my salary doubled for the umpteenth time and was wondering what more I could do to earn my keep, as I was browsing through the website wondering not what my greyhound friends could do for me, but what could I do for them. I was reminded of my daughter’s most embarrassing moment in softball, when she wondered why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger, and then it hit her. I’ve had that moment several times over the past couple years, wondering why Big White Dog kept getting bigger and bigger,and then he hit me, literally.

Would people be interested in what happened this week at the kennel? Let’s find out. We did our version of the out of towners, sending Astar with Vision to Chicago, Cubs Cap and all, and Big White Dog, speak of the devil, Headed off to Pennsylvania. It’s said he was wanted by the people who owned his sister, and in checking the website, they discovered that he was available, so they came down and got him. Now that’s a nice story. Greyhound people are truly special.

Big White Dog

Don’t look for Atascocita Gabe, he’s been adopted and should be packing his bag and heading out to be with his new family next weekend. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons will be pleased to know that our Candy Girl passed her cat test and will be going to a new family rumored to have seven cats. There was some hot competition between Super C Zona and Bridgets Beauty for multiple families last weekend. It appears that Bridgets first adopter fell through, but she was a finalist with the family that are looking Zona, so there may be more to that story, so we’ll have to see how this turns out. Finally, Backwood Slammer, aka Duke, I have to get used to using the racing names, the whole rest of the world uses the racing name and I use the kennel name, anyway, a couple took a liking to Slammer and came back on Sunday with their two resident pooches to see how Duke would work in the family. I met Parker the little white poodle, (who looks remarkably like something Duke chased around the track for over two hundred races without ever catching), and Bella, a Newfoundland. My first ever live experience with a Newfoundland, and the first time at the kennel that I have ever been in awe of dog other than one of our greys, I fell in love with this dog immediately and took it upon myself to invite them back anytime they wanted whether or not they were adopting a greyhound. Bella was very much like one of my rescue dogs, only twice as big, and with the same lovable characteristics. They are somewhat uncommon down here, because of the heat we have. I would love to get a picture of this family out on their walk with small, medium, and larger than life in tow. As what was taken as a sign by myself, if no one else, the couple found out that Duke was also a distant relative of their greyhound, who had recently passed. Some things are meant to be.

Kiowa Jill Dan (Wendle)

With Big White Dog’s Departure, Kiowa Jill Dan (Wendle) is now our number one dog in seniority, and the only dog we have from 2011, he entered our kennel on 12/31/11, the night we had the big New Year’s Eve party. Several dogs were given a look, including Kiowa Trey Angel and Sensational Red, but did not get the nod, and I have no idea how they’ve lasted this long, but it is the luck of the draw, and they’ll be ready to meet and greet next week. Dizzy also landed with us, her previous owner passed away and his wife was unable to take care of her. She’s twelve and really needs to be in a foster home not a kennel, so if you know any special people out there that take special animals, you might want to let them know. We really need to get this old girl into a regular home for the time she has left, she’s been through enough in her life and certainly deserves it. Stormie is our greyhound of the week this week. She’d really like to find a home and two advils, not exactly in that order. Last week she ran out the plexi-curtains to go outside, the problem was the doors behind the curtains were closed. We’re calling that little white scar on her head the white badge of courage. You don’t have to be the smartest grey to win Grey of the Week honors.