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John’s Happy Tails Report #5
More Real Tales, Mostly Happy, From Inside The Kennel, And Sometimes Inside The Crate

Christmas is fast approaching, traffic is chaotic and the crazies are all running around like chickens with their collective heads cut off. Just want to remind you that a greyhound would look pretty good under your tree with a nice red or green ribbon. They are true gifts of love and will keep on giving love and devotion for years to come, unlike a lot of electronic gifts which will be broke or obsolete in a few months, or the food which will be a moment on my lips, but forever on my hips. Here is a little note we received from a recent adopter, I think they like what they got.

Well Angel acts like she’s been here for years she wants to obey and loves all. When I was on the floor with her she started to groom me, first my moles thinking they were bugs then my knees it was so funny. Sometimes on our walks she stops and nibbles on my legs like she is saying “That’s what I do!” LOL’ When she chases squirrels and I whistle she stops on a dime and comes running to me.

It took me a lot of time to train the other guys to do this.

I just knew she would be great for me the first time I seen her picture on the adopted list. She is just so great!

Thanks Again for all you guys do!

Bob & Carol

I love to share nice stories and notes about our alumni, so anyone who reads this and has a story, you are welcome to send it to us via email and address it to John or the kennel, and they will make sure it gets to me. I scoop the poop, rake the leaves, and listen to them whispering after lights are out, when they think we’ve all gone home, so I can get more information on them that might help them get adopted and into the real home of their dreams. They like it here and are well treated, but we don’t compare to a real house with real humans of their own.

BD Goldilocks

Adoption action was light on Saturday but Sunday was much busier, but it resulted in only one dog being adopted. That would be our girl Roxie Dillon, known around the water dish as Jojo. I call her ‘Tail less in Hialeah’; she lost most of her tail in a kennel accident before she came here. She is a four year old white and brindle sweetheart and I believe she will do well in her new home. I heard her practicing her new favorite Christmas carol ‘’I’ll be home for Christmas’’ last week. She’ll probably miss the big Christmas party, but do you think she cares? Hopefully the lookers of today will result in some future adoptions, BD’s Goldilocks, aka Fancy got some serious looks, as did Tough Task, aka Toby, I think he’ll be out soon, something about him that people are attracted to, like drop dead gorgeous.. Kool Trent, aka Digby, more on him later, Promo and Toast also got checked out. I can actually say that every dog at the kennel was looked at, technically, because a guy came in who can’t have one, much like myself, but needed his greyhound fix and talked to each one, so everyone got some attention. Goodtimejax limped into our kennel this week; he has an injured right rear leg, naturally, standard injury on a lot of greys. His name is Jack and we’re hoping to have him fixed up good as new as soon as we can, and neutered, but don’t mention that to him.

Sunday morning we received another return, Atascocita Tabia, aka Taby, another victim of the harsh economic times a lot of us are suffering through. She is now three years old, quite distressed at the moment, but is a fabulous little red girl, with over a year’s experience in a home so I’m sure she’s housebroken, and there are a lot of positives with returned dogs that many people like, such as the aforementioned housebroken, used to real houses, stairs, screens, etc., set routines, and this girl was cat tolerant and probably still is. Kiowa Dizzy is currently available; she’s ten and being fostered so you can call the kennel to arrange a meeting with her.

Tough Task

Ok, I was just kidding about me looking like Toby, aka Tough Task, if I got down on all four legs. That was forty years ago, never saw so many women look at me and smirk with so much disappointment in their eyes. I also found out the real story about the Bear incident two weeks ago. It was Bashful, one of our volunteer’s little beauty, who was the object of Bear’s spurned affections which cost him a shot in the snout. Bear apparently heard that Bashful was in love with him, from his brother Oliver. It turns out that Bashful is a Chicago Bear’s football fan and loves the Bears, not the Bear. This was lost in the translation somehow and Bear was rejected, physically. He recovered well and then went and told Cole that Bashful was in love with him. This weekend, Cole was beaten up on the playground by none other than our Bashful girl. At least we know it wasn’t Oliver that leaked the information, or anything else for that matter. The new romance rumors swirling are concerning Killer Lizzie, aka Lizzie and Kool Trent, aka Digby, who has apparently recovered significantly from the trauma of being returned last weekend. He was introduced to Ms. Lizzy Sunday and they got along famously, which could result in him being added to that household in the near future. Yes, Virginia, we can do tabloid stuff here too. We have a candid photograph of the hot new item to prove it, which may be posted by someone more proficient than myself if they can get it off of the cloud. Well, another slow week, thank goodness I didn’t have much to report, maybe it will pick up next week.