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John’s Happy Tails Report #4
More Real Tales, Mostly Happy, From Inside The Kennel, And Sometimes Inside The Crate

Tis the season to be jolly, happy first of December in what is considered the best time of the year by many people. It’s apparently a slow time for the adoption process, as people have many, many other thoughts and projects to take care of that aren’t necessarily related to homes for hounds. On the plus side of the ledger, Bets on Natasha, aka Spot, Cry Yahtzee, aka Yahtzee and Crystal Chancey went out. I believe Spot was the only one actually delivered, the other two were already out, but I just found out about them and may not have mentioned them, so they are officially in new loving homes in time for Christmas in my records. It’s especially nice for Spot, who is an eight year old returnee due to owner death I believe. They all deserve to be in a home as soon as possible, but I like to see the ones who have experienced a loving home get another one as soon as possible, especially when it’s no fault of their own that they’ve lost it. Bless the beasts and the children, for in this world they have no say. They depend on us for love, shelter, substance, and guidance.

Redmoon Nurse

We had a small welcoming party in which we welcomed five new arrivals last week. The party was very small, only myself in attendance, and I had four two bite Publix cupcakes and a very cold glass of milk. The new arrivals include WW’s Power Force, aka Ozzy, a four year old red boy, raced at a solid 69 pounds with 181 races under his jacket. Tough Task, aka Toby, is a large (76 lbs.) absolutely stunningly handsome red male, in prime racing condition, his coat looks like a perfect sun tan. I swear if you had seen me walking off Malibu Beach forty years ago, on my hands and knees, you wouldn’t have been able to tell us apart. We shot him today (photo shoot, what’d ya think?) and his eyes match his coat, he has a fabulous personality and I wouldn’t hesitate to say he’s my pick of the week and I’m betting (no pun intended) that he’s not to be here very long. Just like Christmas trees, you can tell just by looking at some of them, that they would be a perfect fit in your house. And he’s only three years old. BD’s Goldilocks, aka Fancy, is a five year old sweetie. She’s white and brindle, was a good racer, ran a hundred and forty races without ever catching the rabbit, but she managed to outrun the three bears, she’s worth a look. CB’s Heather aka Helen, I call her hell on wheels, because she’s a feisty three year old veteran of some ninety races. She’s a solid sixty five pound girl, so she probably didn’t get pushed around too much by the guys. Skate Zavolta, aka Sammy, is our latest arrival. Yes Virginia (and Michelle), there is a Santa Clause (and Skate Zavolta) (private joke). Sammy is a cute little red brindle, only two years old and just over sixty pounds. So, there you have our newest arrivals, for those of you looking for the very freshest vegetables, all 47 of our dogs will make someone the perfect pet and you know it’s our job to match the dog with the owner.

Turtles Ace

We had three dogs returned, sort of a three dog night. Into all lives some reality must fall. Turtle’s Ace, aka Ace, one of the best racing dogs out here, Kool Trent, aka Digby, and Red Moon Nurse, aka Nellie, were returned for various reasons which I don’t have the full story on, so I won’t speculate, but these dogs have the advantage of having experience in the home environment, so many people look for these dogs specifically, so I mention them, and as previously mentioned, we like to find the returnees a home a.s.a.p., as it is kind of a downer for them to be displaced and return to us. Not that we’re bad, but we can’t match a loving home with all the creature comforts plus the enjoyment of having one or more humans wrapped around your little dew claw, as most of these dogs are able to do. I can say that I saw Kool Trent when he came in Saturday. He had his pool, two pillows, and a bag of toys, all his worldly possessions, he is in fine shape, shiny coat, clean teeth, supposedly knows several commands and you could tell the owners were very upset to have to give him up, but you can also tell that he was very well taken care of. I will have more on the others when I learn more, but I did see Trent personally on Saturday and both he and Tough Task, aka Toby, are something special.

Ok, thank goodness it was a slow weekend and not much to write about. There was no playground excitement this weekend, except for Sunday when everyone got chased inside by the frequent showers. Bear was good with the ladies. We won’t blame Oliver for the office incident, I told him a joke and he laughed so hard wet his pants. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve done that more than he has, so we’ll let it slide. We’re getting ready for the holidays, so drive carefully, and don’t forget, a greyhound would be a perfect gift. They’re not from China, you’re supporting local animals, and you don’t have to fight mall traffic to get to us. And with peace on earth and love being the main theme of the holidays, what better gift than an animal that deserves a loving home and will repay your love and devotion many times over throughout the years.