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John’s Happy Tails Report #3
More Real Tales, Mostly Happy, From Inside The Kennel, And Sometimes Inside The Crate

Went to the west coast Saturday, but that didn’t stop the kennel world from turning. I just received a news clip from a Gainesville news station that featured a piece about adoptable greyhounds. Featured was none other than our recently departed Kingston, who looked exceptional in his television debut. He is living in a foster home until adopted and learning the ways of the domesticated dogs, aka, pets. He looked fabulous, and along with another adoptee named Nero, stole the show. Two of our new arrivals, Charles Bronson, aka Kevin and Jax Candlestick, aka Jax, attended a happy hour/fundraiser event at The Field, an Irish Pub on Griffin Road in Broward, last night from five until eight o’clock. Organized by Mamie and her boy Floyd, it was a lot of fun, introduced people to our greys, and netted FOG over four hundred dollars. Naturally, all animals involved were on their best behavior. Thank you to all who attended and supported it, I think we all had a greyt time.

Kiowa Jill Dan

Our newest arrivals are BD’s Goldilocks, a five year old girl, tipping the scales at 61 pounds. She raced 141 times without ever catching the rabbit, winning 24 of those races and reaching A company, and has finally called it quits after hearing rumors about what happens after they retire. Now she wants to join the others and ride off into the sunset with her new forever family. BD’s Goldilocks is also known as Fancy around the kennel; she was born on June 25th, 2007, and is a beautiful white and brindle. Of course you can rename them anything you want after you adopt them, they adapt very easily, especially if you call their name when you have food or treats. Trotting in right behind her was CB’s Heather, aka Helen, born on April 9th, 2009, a solid brindle girl at 67 pounds. Helen is just three years old and raced 90 times. Donna and Rosie are also brand new and we’re still researching their racing kennels and personal information. So if new is what you do, these are the latest and greatest. If you’re looking for old, Kiowa Jill Dan aka Wendle is our senior dog. Although he is just over two years old, he has been here the longest, arriving in the middle of last year’s New Year’s Eve party, so he technically arrived 12/31/11, making him the only dog left from 2011 that hasn’t gone out yet. It would be nice to see him find his forever home before this year’s New Year’s Eve party. He has the bridesmaid syndrome; he has been a semifinalist many times but always ends up second to the one that goes home with the goodies, a new family.

Last week’s departures included Super C Zona, aka Zona and Kiowa Angel Trey, aka Angel, an 8 year old beauty, and it was very obvious that her new owners were in love with her already. Bets on Natasha, aka Spot, another 8 year old, and Cry Yahtzee, aka Yahtzee, are pending and have their bags packed, ready to go.

CD’s Gary

That’s all the news that is news, sort of the greyhound gospel according to John. Being the traditionalists that they are, I haven’t heard a word about Christmas from the dogs. They don’t start whispering about it until after the first of December, so it won’t be until next week that we start to learn about what they all want for Christmas. If the last two years are any indication, number one on all the lists, except for maybe Gary (CD’s Gary), he doesn’t worry about material things too much, would be a nice loving home with people. They do prefer humans to cats, since some of them are forced to live with cats, but many will tolerate a cat if they get a home with caring people. Second on the list would be a turkey leg stuffed with peanut butter. Thanksgiving is officially over so the turkeys are gone until the Renaissance Festival, for the lucky few that get to attend, or next Thanksgiving. Remember, seeing is believing, if you get a chance, or even if you don’t, come down to the kennel on the weekend anyway, and see our beautiful animals in person. You are guaranteed to be impressed with them.