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John’s Happy Tails Report #2
Real Stories From the Inside of the Fog Kennel, and Sometimes Even From the Inside of the Crates

As fate would have it, I get something neat to do for the dogs and the first two weekends I want to be at the kennel for the entire weekend, something comes along and I have to be out of town this past weekend and part or all of next. But, the show must go on, and there’s plenty going on whether I’m there in person or not. We have a play area, which is known as the playground, where you can bring your greys any time during the weekend open house and they can run around and play and goof off with the rest of the dogs. This is the elite greyhound social gathering spot of the South Florida area, sort of like South Beach, only better parking, no cost, and all our greys run around naked. The weather will be almost ideal until March or so, for the dogs and their owners to come out and enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air and exchange stories about their cherished pets.


From our “Wagging Tails Headed to Their New Homes” Department: Dizzy, aka Shiloh Dizzy, our twelve year old returnee has found a loving foster home, and I know the people personally, so I say that with confidence that she will receive plenty of love and attention. She’s still up for adoption, but will be living in a loving home until then, you can call or email the kennel and we will arrange for a meeting if you are interested in her. She was born in November of 2000, since the day is unknown, I’m going to assign her birthday as 11/17, to make it so she went into her new foster home on her birthday, which is as nice a gift as she could hope for. She is living with two other greyhounds, eating very well and happy with her new home. Her racing weight was listed as 53 pounds and she’s not any bigger than that now, and still a pretty little brindle lady, even as a senior citizen. Our temporarily away official photographer Raqi (it’s taken about six of us to try to replace her, so I can’t stand the thought that we’ve lost her forever) came back from college at Florida long enough to adopt Sensational Red, aka, Daphne, and take her back to be company for her other greyhound. Beware, the ‘betcha can’t have just one’ stories about people coming back for an additional greyhound are getting to be more and more common. Enzo and Tio, who were returned together, went out together to the west coast of Florida, where they will have a better chance to be adopted together by someone, and Bridget went with them, she will be gone in a heartbeat, she was being looked at by two people at the same time on one occasion. Gabe and Candy Girl have also gone to live with real people. Anyone reading this or who has adopted a greyhound, we are always glad to hear from you on how it’s going, so don’t be bashful about dropping us a line or email, or if feasable, come on over and visit in person, we’re always glad to see the alumni, and of course, the good people who took them into their lives, hearts, and homes.

Moving forward to our welcome to our house section, we welcome Luis and Demetrius, ignore spelling which may be incorrect, but you can’t adopt them anyway. They will be the new hired hands and I hope they are passionate about greyhounds. They will be learning the ropes to help Chris, our able-bodied kennel manager, and we’re getting some well appreciated visits from Lee, our retired kennel manager who is a walking greyhound encyclopedia. New dogs are here and will be arriving during the week. TMC’s Frilly and TMC’s Dayzavoo are just in (sounds like a fresh Christmas tree promotion), and will probably have kennel names of Frilly and Daisy. Frilly’s a fawn and Daisy’s a black, both are solid girls and were good racers. Jax Candlestick is a return, reason unknown to me at this point, but some people look for returns because they have had actual in house experience and are probably housebroken. You can always get the dog’s complete history, personal, racing, and medical, from us. TMB Oreo and Donna are also just in, I don’t even have Donna’s racing name yet. WW’s Bart’s Best and Jax Tyler are newly arrived boys. Roc a By Jukebox is due in shortly, and I’ve heard that we’re getting a 96 pound dog in very soon, for those of you who like big, REALLY BIG dogs, stay tuned.

We have an excellent website, which you are on, so you can judge for yourself, but if you like it, you can always tell Jerry ‘six dog’ Berlin as he is mostly responsible for it. He has acquired six dogs that most people would consider unadoptable, and turned them into a beautiful family, so the term ‘can’t’ adopt a dog is not realistic. It’s a matter of patience and attitude. If this man can do it with six ‘challenge’ dogs and succeed, anyone can have a loving pet if they really want to. Not only greyhounds, but they all need and deserve a loving home, not just existing on the streets. Bless the people that see this and try to do something about it. We maintain in our kennel that there is the perfect home for every greyhound and there is the perfect pet for every home, and we’re doing our best to put them together. Spot, an eight year old girl whose owner died and the spouse was unable to take care of her, is being seriously considered, and Yahtzee got a double look and has an application for adoption, so congratulations to him. Waiting for posting on the Facebook page for the new GotW, which is Greyhound of the Week, a dog Lelys features each week on the Facebook. There’s a lot of greyhound goings on and pictures on it and I think there will be an interesting picture of Kevin, aka Charles Bronson, who agreed to pose with a jockey on his back, which could be very interesting, hopefully that will be up on Monday night or Tuesday. Ok, let’s save something for the rest of the year, and call it a night. We welcome any comments, suggestions, especially stories about our alumni, contact myself or Michelle, Jerry, Chris, actually anyone connected with the organization and they will pass the word.