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JD Casual Chick update

Hi Michelle,
You might remember me because we adopted JD Casual Chick, now known a Chickee or endearingly as Chickarina. It been five months now since she’s been a member of our home. There were some downs i.e. Multiple dewormings, finishing the healing her left leg, a broken toe etc…but we turned a corner a month a go. So I thought you’d like to know that she means a great deal to us and we thank you for her rescue. She is beloved by all, making friends with everyone and especially with children who are scared of dogs. She is welcomed everywhere.

We are back from Maine where Chickee had a BIG vacation sharing and playing with two other dogs. Something clicked in Chickee and if I were to anthropomorphize it would go like this. ” OH! Out here in THIS world, dogs have humans. These are MY humans! I like them.”

Here are highlights from the time, in no particular order:

This being Chickee’s first overnights with us I can say that Chickee was a GREAT travel dog on her first trip and long ride in a packed car away from home. She slept well and she was patient for all her meals.

She went up and down complicated stairs even on the ferry boat. FIrst time on the ferry, even walking around outside, when the ferry was moving.

She went up and down stairs in a light house including the basement.

She rode in the back of a junked up pick up truck (with my husband back there too) . It was an emergency because our friend hurt her knee and couldn’t walk out of a hike. The pick up truck was part of the rescue.

She jumped in the salt water for her swim ( yes , my husband taught her to swim and she has her own life jacket too.)

She played off leash with dogs on a remote but enclosed beach and ran up and down in the sand.

She shared the space so nicely with the two other dogs including beds and chews.

She went swimming in a quarry.

Jumped in and out of other people’s cars and settled down easy on the back seat.

And Chickee has continued to be VERY affectionate on our return. She asked to join us in bed this morning and snuggled down. And yesterday she came over to join in a hug I was getting from my husband.

She’s beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.

Thank you again and enjoy your weekend. Ps I’ve even taught her to “sit” along with how to follow many other instructions. She is a very willing learner.