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Horses, Lost Dogs, Adoptions, Events – – – and a Treat.

Wow, it’s been a busy, busy time and I am so sorry I haven’t gotten any news out to our friends. I have been chasing my tail faster than a dachshund puppy!

First and foremost, many thanks to everyone who came out to support Friends of Greyhounds at the Horses and Hounds party. Once again, it was an amazing and wonderful gathering. The grounds, the weather, the horses, the people, the auctions and the dogs made for an incredible day. What an assortment of dogs we had! The folks at the front gate said we had over 400 cars come in for our event. The auction items were flying off the tables and our hot dog cart served over 400 hot dogs along with the sandwiches and sweets and snacks that our hostesses, Jane Bistline and Jeri Caprio, founders of the Horses & Hounds Foundation, so generously provided. The local students who ride at the ranch did so much of the work and setup and we really appreciate their help, too. All in all, the raffles and donations added up to a whopping $10,200 for FoG’s dogs!!! Thank you to everyone who helped out, who attended, who donated, who worked, who entertained and who helped us raise this much and gave us such a wonderful day. The doggies appreciate every bit of it.

I miss visiting with all of you on the weekends at our old open house and getting to play with all my dogs. (They may live with you but you know, in my heart, they’re still my dogs, too!) We are working with someone to get to use a fenced area in Davie once in a while so we can gather the greyhounds and their humans again. Be sure you are on our MailChimp list so we can let you know as soon as we get the details worked out. If you are not sure about being on the list, go to the bottom, left corner of our homepage ( for the section that says “Keep in touch…” That will put you on our email list.

A local lost dog kept me busy for two days this past week. She was not a greyhound but is the doggy-sister of one and her parents were out of town and called me to help. She was lost right in my Sunrise area and her grandma and I worked together walking and calling and putting up posters and handing out flyers and walking and calling. Jerry our webmaster helped out with the search, posting flyers and handling the computer side of things. Lelys put the little girl up on our Facebook. Beth faxed out flyers to all the local vet offices. It was truly a FoG team effort for a greyhound’s sister!

And on the third day we had a good outcome. She’d been picked up by someone at a local church and was happily re-united with her family who had returned the night before. All the phone numbers on the tag went to their home or their cells. No one was home and they were camping in an area without cell service. It was a poignant reminder for all of us.

The lesson: Please be prepared. Things happen. Please make sure you have a recent, clear photo of your dog, preferably a body shot and a face closeup. Store it on your phone and on your Facebook. Be sure your dog always has a collar and a tag with current phone numbers. Try to add a number of someone else, too. Feel free to use my cell number. Microchips are great tools but only if they are registered with a national agency. Get it registered and keep that information up to date. When you travel, be sure your dog sitter has our contact info, too, in case of crisis. We’ll help all we can.

In other happy dog news, both Duke and Benny have gone to their new and we hope, forever, homes. I have not heard anything from Benny’s mom but Duke is fitting in with the Boruk family in Coral Springs quite well. We wish them years of happiness.

Meanwhile, we have five other wonderful dogs waiting at the kennel for you to adopt.. Our newest arrival, Buddy is not yet on the website but he’s a three year old boy in basic black with a big cast on one broken rear leg which is why I haven’t taken photos of him yet. I’ll know in the next couple of days when the cast will be coming off. Like all our dogs, he’s sweet as sugar!

Easter came and went quietly here at the kennel. I hope the Easter Bunny brought you nice goodies but he was smart enough to avoid this house. This is a “No Bunny” zone for obvious reasons!

Upcoming events include:

  • This Saturday (the 18th) we will be at the Pet Supermarket on E. Sunrise Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, 10 to 2.
  • April 24th thru 26th, is the Pompano Seafood Festival. Hope to hear from some of you to help man the booth. The layout has changed a whole lot due to new construction in the area. Everything will be laid out along the sidewalk and I’ve heard that we will be on the “North side of the playground”. I’m going to try to drive down there to figure out just what that means but hopefully that will help you find us. I have been told that EVERYONE including vendors will have to park on the mainland and ride the trolley over. Not sure how that’s going to work out for the dogs but we’ve always managed to figure out a way! This will be another great year at the Seafood Festival!

Okay, if you’ve gotten this far in the blog, you get a gold star and a bonus. Yes, I know I am long winded. But you can call me (cell: 954-937-9663) to come visit the dogs and choose one of our babies to take home. And if you mention that you saw it on the blog, you’ll earn a $50 credit off of your adoption fee! But don’t tell anyone else – they have to read it for themselves!!!

Have a Greyt week and we hope to see everyone soon! Hug your dogs for me.

Love, Peace & Greyhounds – – –