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Home 4 The Holidays!


Friends of Greyhounds is offering it’s first ever
“special sale” on Greyhounds!

We’re looking to place as many greyhounds into homes before January 1, 2009, as possible. To do this, we’re offering a two special promotions:

$100 DISCOUNT: If you have adopted from Friends of Greyhounds, you may receive a $100 discount on another adoption fee! This is designed to be used by people who have already been approved and we do not need to do a home visit or deliver the dog. Our “free home trial” will still be in effect so. . . you come choose a dog, take him or her home for a little while and if it looks like it is a good match, let us know and we’ll have the adoption paperwork ready at open house. Our normal $175 fee will be reduced to $75! Where can you get a trained, pure-bred dog with full medical work and a collar and leash for that price??? So if you’ve been thinking about another dog, now is the time to come to the kennel for a visit.

REFER A FRIEND: If you know someone who is thinking about adopting a dog, bring them down to the kennel before the end of the year and you could be doing holiday shopping in the Greyhound Goodies shop! If you bring someone who decides to adopt a greyhound, we’ll make you the godparent (someone to call if they have a question) and we’ll give you a $25 gift certificate to say thank you and give your friends another $25 gift certificate! Each certificate can be used towards a minimum $50 purchase. They might want to use theirs towards the adoption or crate. But yours could become new fancy collars or sweaters for the dogs or that gorgeous statue… maybe some jewelry for a special someone – Yourself!

[The Details: To qualify, you have to accompany your guests to the open house and we’d love it if you’d help show them around. They have to decide on a dog, submit their application, be approved, and agree on a delivery date before December 31st. The dog does not have to be delivered before December 31st but we have to reach an agreement on the delivery date by then. Gift Certificates are good on all items in the gift shop, adoption fees, microchip fees, bordetella, and crates with a minimum total purchase of $50. No change will be given from the certificate. Whew!]

These are some greyt deals and they’re only going to be offered from November 1st to December 31st so come on down, visit the dogs and see where your heart leads you. You’ll be glad you did. These dogs all deserve to be Home For The Holidays!

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  1. Running5k2day says:

    >What a terrific opportunity & deal! What a temptress F.O.G is. I shouldn't have clicked on the dog pictures either as I am in love with Louetta the Black 7 year old. I hope that many grey's find a forever home just in time for the holidays.