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Holiday Hints

Good Morning!  Happy Holidays.  So you’re sitting there with a cup of coffee trying to approach your holiday shopping in an intelligent way.  I hope you’ll have room on the list for our greyhounds because they have definitely been good little boys and girls.  Y’all know the general things our dogs need and our recent Publix drives have delivered generously along with a cookie donation from Pet-meds that was outstanding.  But supplies of foods, meds, comforters, gift cards (for fuel, meds, etc) are still very, very welcome.  And I thought you might like to hear about a couple of the unusual things that the dogs would like to put on their list this year. We need:
♥  A good Radio for the back of the Hialeah kennel and one for the house kennel.  Digital tuning preferred.  The kennels seem to be a hard area to get good reception but the dogs do like their music.  I think all the cinderblock and metal makes it tough.  (Pre-owned is fine!)
♥  Angle Brooms – heavy duty.  We burn through quite a few of these sweeping the sand out of the kennel three times a day!
♥  Big Pot for rice and pasta – really big!  Ours got it’s bottom burned!  (New employees = learning curve!)
♥  GPS – The Magellan in the truck has died.  I use it constantly delivering dogs, picking up donations, etc.  I’m working with Jerry’s little (old) Garmin right now but I really miss my bigger, clearer screen.  Help?
♥  Gaffer’s Tape – this is a specialty item that we use all the time for collars and crates.  We need the 1″ white.  If you’re an electrician, you’ll know what it is.
♥  Tarps – we need 6′ x 8′ tarps for the turnout pen fences.  We prefer the heavy duty ones but they are very hard to find.
♥  Area rugs – 5′ and larger.   We use these for the office and some other places.  What may be worn out for you is probably fine to keep our visiting dogs from skidding around the office.  We go through them pretty quickly as they can only take so many “accidents”.
♥  Temporary Housing – We have a good friend at the kennel named Jill who has 2 cats and one (non-greyhound, chow mix) dog.  She will be between living quarters for about a month and staying with a friend who cannot take the critters.  Could you give shelter for one month to a cat or a dog?  For more detail or to reach Jill, call Chris Rhone, our kennel manager, at 305-457-8169.  Jill has been a real salvation a few times when we needed advice or cat testing or temporary (as in free) kennel help.  She’s a true friend for the greyhounds and I would be very grateful if you could help her. (I’d take them myself but my house is overfull now)
   A few of our adopters have said that you’d take on some volunteer roles that could be done from home.  I have the unfortunate plague that comes with time.  Some of us call it CRS (Can’t Remember “Stuff”).  If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact me.  I have a few things that I’d like to sub out to you and I think you’ll like them!
So as most of you know, nothing goes to waste that comes to FoG. So if you are thinking of donating something unusual, please feel free to do so.  We might use it or put it in a raffle basket or donate it to another organization that we know can use it, but nothing goes to waste.  Hope we’ll see you at the kennel soon.  We have collars and coats for your greyhounds to find under the tree but as you know. . . The best gift you can give our dogs is a really good home.  Thank you all for all you do during the year.  We’re looking to make 2013 the year of the Lucky Dog!