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Hey, is this thing on?



Hi. Sloan here. Momma Michelle left the computer on and I know I shouldn’t mess with it but I’m a dog on a mission. I don’t know who is reading this dog-blog thingy but here goes. . .

I am Sloan, the greyhound. I’m the slender fawn guy in the corner kennel. I was raised and trained to be a racer but I never made the pros. Momma says that’s okay because I didn’t get hurt, either. I’m more the curl up on the couch and watch TV kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong – I can corral a dust bunny with the best of them. But then I like a nap and maybe a snack and good squeaky toy.

When I first met FoG, Momma found me a nice home. Really cool place. Lots of room and good food and a family with human puppies (they called them children), too. We all moved to California for a while and then moved back again. But now they have to go back and they said there’s no place for me. I promised I wouldn’t even take my toys or the extra bowl. But they called Momma Michelle to come get me. She had room for me. She has room for all the greyhounds. She has promised I’ll find a new home but I’d really, really like to be in one for the holidays. I remember four Christmases in my old home and I know how special this time can be.

So, with a little help from the guys, I hijacked momma’s computer. I am eight years old but mom says I act young for my age. I am tall and slender and I promise not to mess with the cat. I am friendly to everybody even that package guy at the door and the mini humans. I travel well in the car. I like leash walks and I like to just lay in the sun. My old family took me to the doggy doctor before I left for a checkup and they cleaned my teeth so people would want me more. It hasn’t worked though.

I’m not the only one here either. There’s a guy in the next kennel who is pretty nice, too. Guess that’s why they named him Slash so there’d be something tough about him even if it was only his name. Slash had one pro-race so we kind of have a lot in common. He’s six years old and smart enough but he’s not steal-the-computer smart like me.

Slash was in a home for four years, too, but his mom got sick and he had to come to the kennel. He tells me a lot about her and his old family but I nap a lot and don’t hear most of it. He really, really loves to go on long walks. He said he doesn’t eat cats either. He’s not as good looking as me, of course. But some people like that white with brindle spots look. Slash misses the holidays just like I do. But mostly we miss having a human of our own and just laying around the living room watching tv.

So anyway, before I get caught in here, what I want to say is that there’s some great dogs in here waiting for you to come get us. Some are younger – like Lucy, the hot brindle chick 3 doors down. She’s cat tolerant and playful and ready to go. Can’t believe she’s still here! She is ready to run – – all the way home.

We’re not all perfect with cats or have perfect figures. Bella is a shorter, kinda squatty, black girl with a high, high energy level. She could run a race and dismember a stuffy and eat a cookie all at the same time! And then she would nap, nap, nap. All she wants for Christmas is a nice fenced yard and a family to love her. She comes across tough and strong but between you and me, there’s a really sweet dog underneath those pointy ears. But please don’t tell her I said so. She’s only five years old but she can probably beat me up! Let her take it out on her stuffies!

Max is ten years old. He’s living at Jerry B’s house now because the kennel was just too rough for him. He’s looking for a place to settle in under the table and wait for turkey to fall. Your house, maybe? I hear good things about him. Momma says even an older guy deserves a good home and a big dog like Max looking through the curtain will scare away bad people. As long as he remembers to drop the stuffie first.

HEY – NEWS FLASH!! – I just overhead something. Momma said we have to shake things up around here. Momma’s birthday is two weeks away. She said she’d like to sleep late that day. To do that, she’s got to get all us guys out of the kennel so she doesn’t have to jump up and walk and feed us that morning. So she is waiving (I don’t know what that means, do you?) the adoption fee for all the people who already have FoGdogs. I know you are all busy this time of year but there’s no better holiday gift than love. And love comes pre-packaged in us. I hope we’ll see you at the kennel. We’ll have our bags packed and ready! (Boy are my paws tired!! Nap Time!)

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,


  1. Michelle R says:

    Sloan, you sound like SUCH a great boy! I would love to have you come live with me and be part of our family forever!! Maybe you could even be home for Christmas! :D I hope Momma Michelle contacts me soon, so we can get to know each other. Keep stealing the computer, you smart boy! :) Lol