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If you want to really make a difference for the dogs, we need you now.  I know most of you cannot drop everything and give us 2 days of your life but I’m hoping there is just one of you out there that can.  We (you and I) can take 12 dogs up to the panhandle of Florida and start them on their jouney to wonderful homes that are waiting for them up north where they no longer have race tracks or race dogs.  We have too many.  They have waiting homes.  It’s a match made in Heaven but you may be the final piece of the puzzle.

It is a 9 ½ hour drive each way.  We go up one day and come back the next.  I’ll do the driving but I need someone who will keep me company so I stay alert and be capable of driving or making a phone call or something  if there’s some sort of emergency reason.  There’s a nice little Holiday Inn we can overnight at.  PLEASE call me (954-937-9663) and let me know if you can go.  We need to do this trip up Thursday (tomorrow – Sept 26) & back Friday or we can postpone it if absolutely necessary and go up on Friday (Sept 27) and back on Saturday.

We do leave early in the morning.  But it’s a gorgeous drive and the panhandle areas are so pretty this time of year.  Can’t wait to take you to our favorite Mexican restaurant up there – – – or show you the “pancake making machine” at the hotel’s breakfast nook.  Consider it a short, free vacation.  Call me.  It will make a greyt big difference to a dozen dogs.

Can’t do this one but you’re intrigued?  We will be doing another run in the week of October 14-18th.  Need help for that one, too!