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Hello from Los Angeles

Hi guys!

Thought we should check in and let you know the latest from sunny (and quakey) California. We’ve settled into our little apartment in Culver City, and Wingo has finally made peace with the magic box (elevator) that gets us to the third floor. She has befriended a 14-year-old red brindle greyhound named Diego who lives across the street, and often hangs out with Little Bear, my sister’s pug.

Steve is extremely busy with his new job and is loving every minute of it. I continue to work my way through ‘the hoard’ of stuff we packed from Miami, and I’m happy to say that our place is starting to look good and feel like home.

Southern California had enjoyed a fairly long period without any large earthquakes…until we moved to town. We’ve experienced three sizeable ones since our arrival. Wingo slept through the first one, but the second one really startled her. She seemed to sense last night’s 5.4 just before it occurred, so I got on the ground with her and held her while our building rolled and shook. It was about 30 seconds long and felt like mild airplane turbulance. Oddly enough, we moved to Miami during the summer of 2005, which ended up being the most active hurricane season in recent history. My friends in Illinois have asked that I give plenty of warning before we return to Chicago so that they can brace themselves for tornados that we’ll likely bring ;-)

We just returned from an outing to the Culver City dog park, affectionately known as the Boneyard. It’s all dirt and sand and wide open, and while there aren’t a lot of hiding places, Wingo did manage to find a bench to hide behind on our first visit to it last week. She quickly gained courage, though, and seemed to enjoy hanging out with the mid-sized crowd and, interestingly, the human crowd! She has no use for the goofy, rough and tumble dogs, though, and that’s fine by us! Steve and I both commented that while Grace would have loved this particular park, we’re certain that every visit with her would have ended in a vet trip. There’s no way she’d be able to contain herself in that much dirt and open space. Oh, the noseholes she’d dig, and hold court, and tear around with and antagonize the big guys…It’s a nice place, but of course, it’s no FoG. There’s no place like FoG!

Hope this note has found you all well. Please say hello to everyone for us. We miss you!

Barbara, Steve and Wingo

Wingo behind a bench

Wingo behind a bench

Wingo with her new friends

Wingo with her new friends

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  1. Helen & Fred says:

    We too miss Fog and wonder if we’ll ever get back to Miami some day, but you never know. It was always fun for us to visit FOG when visiting our kids in Miami, such a nice crowd and nice dogs, like my buddy Bear. Hope you all are doing well. After our tough winter here in Chicago, we had over 9 feet of snow this past year, we are really looking forward to Spring. We plan to drive to LA in the fall with our little Boston Terrier, Betsy. We’ll rent a place and spend about 3 months there. It will be fun spending time with our girls and their husbands so we are looking forward to that. We think of you all often especially when we see a greyhound.

    Blessings, Helen & Fred (Barbara’s parents) :0)