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Hello from Greta’s (Agratefulnation’s) new dad!


I got your note with my adoption package, and wanted to let you know that she’s settling in just fine.

She spent a few months with her foster mom, Linda, who took great care of her. I’d been looking to adopt a greyhound for a while now (I actually became interested almost 20 years ago, but wound up “rescuing” a few dogs from work (stray dogs I found as a police officer, so I never got the opportunity), and went to an adoption to meet the available dogs and see if any felt like a good match.

Greta 2I walked up to the group of dogs, crouched down to see them at eye level, and Greta walked up to me, put her little head down, and rested it against my chest…she let me pet her for a few minutes, and stuck by me for almost 3 hours! We walked around the pet store, went outside to potty a few times, and by the end of it, I was in love!

About a week later, she came to my house for the first time, with Linda, her foster and Robin, a member of GreyHeart. She explored the house a bit, and got a lay of the land. I took a few pictures to capture the moment (sorry for the “Devil Eyes,” haha, it’s hard to take a picture of a black dog with a dark background in low light!). They’re attached (the first 3 pictures).

Greta 5The next day, she came home for good…we stopped on the way to my house and went “shopping” for some toys…I don’t think my kids were ever spoiled this much! While she’s a little overwhelmed, I think, I spent the weekend with her, and she’s slowly settling in. She spent the first day mostly “hiding” in her room (i.e. the spare bedroom, which she’s claimed as her own!), although she’d come out to check on me a few times/hour. When I paid too much attention to her, she’d retreat, and it was VERY DIFFICULT playing “aloof” to let her settle in.

We fell asleep in my room watching an old movie, with her on a pet bed next to mine. The last 2 pictures are her lounging on her new bed, in “her” room!

Yesterday, she got a bit more bold, and spent the day exploring the house, retreating to her room when she’d had enough. I think she’s going to be a bit slow to open up, but it’s a beautiful thing to see, and I’m very excited to see it happen!

Just wanted to thank you for seeing her through the beginning of the process, and to let you know that she’s settling in fine, very loved, and about to spend her retirement years being spoiled rotten!

Take care,