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Headaches and Hounds

Today Friends of Greyhounds was given a second kennel for adoption dogs because there are more dogs than one kennel can handle. And today it was determined that volunteers and potential adopters will not be allowed at either of the adoption kennels.

I will not re-hash the things that have caused such turmoil in the compound. The papers have handled that job pretty well. I will tell you that I have been fighting for a refuge for the dogs involved and we now have it but only until April. But the State is now holding us to the letter of law and things will have to change in our practices. Any one who does not have a Parimutuel License will NOT be permitted in the kennel area. Hopefully, we can find a way to make these changes temporary but we’ll have to see.

For now, we are putting out a call for all of our friends and volunteers who have Parimutuel Licenses to please come (with your CURRENT license) and help at the kennel as we have more dogs and less help. Anyone who has considered getting a license, we would appreciate it if you did. This Link ( will get you to more info on the requirements. With two kennels, we will really need the help.

We will still have work for those who do not hold licenses. Everyone who comes to the kennel to look at adoption dogs will have to have the dogs they want to see brought out to them on leash and we’ll need people to handle and take charge of those dogs in the yard area and in the offices. Many of our license holders will need people to watch out for their personal dogs while they work with adoption dogs. We’re getting new dogs out of the kennels so there will be dog washing to do. We had a bunch of carpet (already cut!) donated that needs to be moved into storage and a load of travel kennels that need scrubbing before we stash them away. So there’s lots to do and we really need you – we just need to relocate our work area.

While we are talking about volunteers, another good way to volunteer is to come work at our booth at the Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach. It is a fun job and we really need the exposure for the dogs and the donations it generates. Please email Jerry ( or myself ( or call us. Available hours are 10 AM to about 7 PM every Saturday and Sunday from now until March 9th, plus this Monday, President’s Day. We are very shorthanded! Sign up! Bring your greyhound, too, if you like!

If you are reading this and can’t volunteer at the kennel, please help support the cause by attending our fundraiser at Beverly Hills Café in Cooper City/ Davie. We only have until April to get our “Pup”ulation to fit into one building. If the weather begins to cooperate in the rest of the country, we should be able to move some through our very, very good friends at the Sunburst Project. That means more trips upstate. That means gas and hotel money and a volunteer for each trip. Bring your dog to have dinner on the patio or pick up take out, lunch or dinner. Ask the whole office to help out! Print this flyer (click here to view the flyer.) and hand it to the server and they will attach it to your bill. At the end of the night, they will total up our guests’ checks and give us 15% of the amount! It’s great food for a great cause! Print lots of flyers. (The only thing they asked is don’t stand in front of the restaurant and hand them out or anything like that. I know none of our people would be that tacky but I also know some of us thought about it!!!! ) But if you work or live in the area, please feel free to encourage your neighbors or friends!!

And if you can’t get to the kennel or the fundraiser, do a local drive at your work or school. With more dogs, we need more supplies like dog shampoo, WHITE RICE, spray cleaner (like 409), carrots, sweet potatoes, dog food, Lysol spray, towels, fish oil capsules, etc. There’s a wish list online (click here for the wish list) and nothing goes to waste with FoG. And of course, we need cash. White rice won’t work in the gas tank.

And we need adopters – with huge hearts! We have some wonderful, wonderful dogs that are “slightly imperfect” and we are cutting their adoption fees drastically. But we are getting more of them in this new group. Seizure dogs, broken legs and seniors. They need homes, too!

See you at the kennel – – Well, see you this weekend, let’s say!