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Greyt Holiday Gift Guide

Our kennel is smaller than it used to be but we still have need of many of the same basic supplies. Below is an updated list of things we could really use to keep the kennel clean and happy. You’ll probably see some ideas for the dog that’s already in your home, too! So – – In no particular order – –

Foods – Rice, macaroni, sweet potatoes (fresh or canned), canned mackeral, peaches, Olewo dried carrots (amazon!). Gift cards for Publix, Sams, or Walmart so we can get chicken thighs or hamburger!

Treats – Large Milkbones or Walmart’s Ol Roy large bones

Maintenance – Laundry detergent & fabric softeners (makes things smell better!), Paper towels, Kid- sized or single bed comforters (See: “AmazonBasics microfiber reversible twin comforter”).

TOYS!! – Zippy toys are great, made in USA, and reasonably priced. We have a wholesale account with them so if you contact them and have them shipped direct to us, maybe they’ll throw in some extras. Take some time on the site as many of the toys come in different sizes. Greys need the larger sizes when they are available. Our boys love Jigglerz, Hedgehogs, Cordoroy Cuddlers and Jumbo Donuts. Your dog will love them, too! And Loopys!!

Shipping Address if you need it: 2621 NW 105 Lane, Sunrise, FL 33322

And of course, the best Holiday gift of all for us would be an empty kennel because all of our wonderful dogs had found just the perfectly right home filled with love and warmth and joy – and milk bones!!

Love, Peace & Greyhounds,