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Greyhounds Go Scouting! (Volunteers Needed)

On Wednesday, June 13th, we’re taking the dogs to Summer Scout camp! There’s 300 Cub Scouts just waiting to learn more about greyhounds. I know everyone is busy this time of year with graduations and weddings and summer vacations. But if you can just spare a few hours for the dogs, they would really appreciate it. This is an amazing opportunity to tell young people about these super special dogs!

I’ll need a bunch of hearty volunteers (Ayyyy – it’s pirate week at the camp, Matey!) with and without dogs. We’ll keep the van nearby for air conditioning breaks and rotate the dogs.. Central/ South Broward Cub Scout Day Camp is at Vista View Park in Davie and starts at 9 am. Lunch break is 12:15 to 1:15 and our lunch is included. We could switch shifts then if we need to. Closing ceremonies are 4:30.

We’ll have out own pavilion and there will be a full time liaison assigned to us in case we need anything and there will be many Den Leaders and Den Chiefs with each group as they move through. The boys will be broken into small groups of 10 and they estimate they’ll spend about 8 – 10 minutes with us each. They will also allow the parents to come visit with us that day to talk to us about the dogs.

Please give me a call (954-937-9663) if you can help out for the full day or half day. And let me know if you can bring a dog or not, too. (Now, wherever did I leave my swashbuckle?)


  1. Lelys says:


    SlugBug and I would love to lend a hand with this event (available full day)! I’ll call you tomorrow :)

  2. Adam Romanelli says:

    I will be there with Gypsy. Should be Be to do half day. Thanks Michelle.